Fan made Reference

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Heres my refence pic i made for the AR (MA5C)


post ones youve made here. they have to be as accurate as possable though. mine is 98% accurate. i will be makeing more soon.
I wouldnt say it's 98% accurate, maybe 90% since many of the details are bold and thicker than they really are, but that is a very nice picture for being paint, most people cant make anything from scratch with paint, I like it very much (sadly I dont have any refrence pics myself, sorry)
I can use Paint.

<sup>^^</sup>actually that pic is isn't quite accurate as i made it long time ago.

<sup>^^</sup>more like that
and the ref pic is really nice except for the lines on the shroud should be vertical, but other than that it looks great! :)
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