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Fanboy expo 2017

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Cody, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Cody

    Cody New Member

    IMG_0367.JPG im looking for this member I met him at fanboy expo in Knoxville Saturday this is his suite he said he was part of the 405th his name is Thecreativebird can't find him tho wondering if anybody could help me out
  2. Dirtdives


    Well we can narrow this down a bit since Fanboy Expo was in Knoxville TN to someone possibly in the Southern Regiment. I suggest Checking in w/ the Regiment EX.O. Cadet. He might have a better idea who this is.
  3. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I've found a Facebook profile under that name but there isn't too much information posted there. There's also a YouTube and Twitter profile associated so you can go digging further to see if this is your Chief, after a quick peek I couldn't see any reference to any Halo themed armour builds, just a bunch of prop and replica weapon tutorials.

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