Fanexpo Denver 2021 Halloween edition


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Hello all, It's about time I start planning in the public for this! Denver Fanexpo is coming up and we've been given the pleasure of hosting a booth! We will have a photography booth, coloring books, and armor galore! This here is a casting call to see who would be up to show up in armor and be part of the photo booth! There is a sign up sheet in google forms attached here Fanexpo 405th mountain sign up

Please let me know what days you can attend and what times you will be available next to your name. We have limited passes that have to stay with the table so we'll have to co-ordinate to get you in. Finalized times will be decided when the full schedule is published in a week. Please leave a comment below if you're coming and want to be part of the 405th booth or if you want to just come and say hi! If you plan on being in armor, please comment with a picture of your armor and what days you plan on wearing it so I can recognize you! Any other questions, please ask here!

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