FanExpo Toronto 2018

Discussion in 'Canadian Regiment' started by PaiganBoi, Jul 30, 2018.

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    August is around the corner. That means Labour day weekend and Fan Expo! This year will be extra special for me. At 40 years old I will be making my cosplay debut! My ODST armour is ready and I will be joining my oldest son in his Mijolnir Mk VI walking the floor on the Friday. As always I can only attend one day out of the four. Boo. :cry:
    I hope to get a lot of photos taken. I have a co worker joining me. I conned her into being my photographer/handler for the day. Hope to cross paths with any of members of the 405th who happen to be there that day.
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    Ahh, I’ll be at DCon, but be sure to get lots of photos in your gear! I look forward to seeing what fun you all get up to!!
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    Aw dang dude I was planning to go in as my Spartan on the Saturday and as another one I’m working on for Friday, I’ll be sure to be looking out for you guys though!
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