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Man I got home today and saw a box sitting on my doorstep. I went out there and it had my name on it. I about crapped my pants thinking that the visor got to my house already (I just bought it on Ebay yesterday).


It was party favors for my wedding.

*sigh* :duh:
Congrats to your engagement!

I've been married for almost 3 years now, and I won't say anything bad about it. Though I'm sure that most of the members here aren't 'of age' yet.

Congrats again.
what are you talking about 14 yr olds get married all the time :roll: i still have to wait, well that means i got time to waste on stuff like this and games, congratulations dude.
I love that: "could it be?! MY MJOLNIR SPARTAN HELMET VISOR!!??!!?....damn, stupid wedding stuff. what a let down"

But on a serious note, congrats. :celebrate: and do tell when this visor arrives because if the visors are listed again I would like to know service quality.
Would be, except planning and putting together a wedding and a reception is pretty stressful and it seems to occupy a lot of your time. Not very easy to stay excited about planning it or pieces to plan it, which is of course seperate from being excited about actually getting married.
Congratz man :hyper: ,

but just cause of the content now in this thread?should move it to General?
Just looking to keep the fourm clean :Steve:
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