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Ahh its so nice to see the light of this section =]

Praises for the chapter:

So far from what I have read in the tutorials, they are absolutely excellent! I have gotten through the first and second chapters, I started the 3rd chapter and got about half way through making the helmet. The Chapters in general are extensive and they go over many aspect or situations you may have while making your armor. Even some thoughts that I had swirling in my head after I read a certain paragraph were answered by the next paragraph as if you had know what one would think. What I liked a lot was in the 3rd Chapter when you are making the helmet, not only did you show how to scale the helmet properly but when actually building the helmet, you showed how to make each individual face/polygon of the helmet which I though was very straightforward and extremely easy to follow. Overall the tutorial is Excellent, I will be glad to help in anyway possible which brings us to my next reason for making my post.

I know in the Acceptance PM it said we can help out by giving feedback, but is that it >.<? I hope not =p... otherwise I am going to kik my cat >.> . I figured one thing that I could do that most people wouldn’t be able to do/wouldn’t be able to do very well is make the "Perfect Armor Reference Database" and by that I think a few of you know what I am thinking of doing ;-) . I could include pictures for each and every section of the armor, from any angle possible too! I could do both Bump Map shots and complete shader shots of the armor within 3ds Max. I could pump out large scaled pictures with perfect quality and no signs pixelation ;-) . I am sure there’s more I could do then just that for you guys =p.

Just like my sig has said since I joined, Here to serve... =]

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!


Thanks very much for your review of the tutorial as it stands. I have been unable to wrangle much (if any) time out my schedule lately to add more to it, but nevertheless I really appreciate your comments of wheat we have so far.

For your concerns about how your own work can fit into this, OF COURSE!

I will complete my tutorial for my fabricated technique of making armor on my own as I have laid it out, but that doesn't mean that we can't find a way to get everyones tutorial based information catalogued in this section. I for one would absolutely welcome the idea of anyone who is serious about contributing to this project to pick their area of expertise and write up what they can, or as you suggested, compile reference material, ect. I hoped that by taking the lead in this effort that I might encourage others to follow suit. (no pun intended!) ;-)

So anyhow, for you or anyone else thinking the same, please consider contributing to this section in your own way. It doesn't have to follow the same format as my tutorial, but if it helps feel free to organize it that way.

PM me or Red with your ideas for contributions, and we'll help any way we can.

Thanks again,

:agree: couldn't have said it better. Anyone, please feel free to drop Sean or me a PM with suggestions or content that you'd like to add.

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Dont have a lot to say like Doom but I sat down for a few and read through and all i can say is amazing, it really seems like you guys have out done your selves, one thing that caught me quick was I liked the medieval armor convert process, very cheap and time saving.

I salute you men. :celebrate:

PS: red cant wait for your fuzzy dice chapter lol
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