Female MJOLNIR armor

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Welcome Kelly!

Glad to see that we finally have a female among the ranks here. Hope we can make your experience at the site a rewarding one.

I do have a link for you to someone who has started a set of Mjolnir specifically designed for a woman to wear, although it is very sparing. I wish I knew more about how this project evolved, but perhaps we can dig up a little more about it for you.

Look here: http://nikon.bungie.org/news.html?item=15783

I have seen other shots of this project and others like them, so it is very likely that we can find some more information for you. If I find anything else I'll add it to this post.

Let us know if we can help in any other way, we're always glad to help.


Sorry Kelly, don't know of anyone that makes a female looking Mjolnir armor. But you still have a few options.

There are some people here that make mjolnir armor, and in reality, the female spartans wore the same armor as the males. If you are not too busty, you could probably fit onto one. Most can be made with elastic or velcro straps so that it could fit you.

If you're up for making your own, go for it. We've got tons of reference pics and skill here to help you out.

Also, if you're not set on female Mjolnir armor, have you considered female stormtrooper armor? You could search the web for some help on those, I even see one for sale on eBay every once and a while.

Good luck and welcome to the site.
well kelly If you are truly wanting to make some female MJOLNIR armor, there is no reason why you can't alter the desing a little bit if you need to. for the most part it will all remain the same the only piece that you could probably need to alter would be the chest plate, and if you need there are plenty of people here with good drawing skills that could help you desing a custom chest plate.
With the urethane i use you could probably heat for the pecs to be a little rounder/Boob like

which i was gonna do for a friend.
It doesnt have to be female looking just something that can fit a female i'm more on the busty/athletic side if it helps also.
Not puting alot of thought into it but couldnt you just make a normal suit or maybe a little slimmer then for the chest, instead of making the pex flat just push them out till the right bra size?
i was making a female armor for a friend of mine but i didnt have the time to make it for her in time for halloween
Kelly ,
I m making armor for my 12 yr old daughter . I think its going to more of the trial and fit method and modifing existing patterns to fit. Hips could be more of an issue as well , much different than mens.

Hey hey hey! BABY!!! OW OW OW!!!!! Now, only if I could trick my fiance into wearing something like that. This calls for a job and a bulk sized bag of candy. MUHAHAHA!! ;-)
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