FFA series number 13 : Medkit - Coalminer Series



Hello Everyone.

Seldom a 3D build was so appropriate in terms of timing and subject as this one, at least for me personally. As some of you may know, I have been struggling with some health issues over the last couple of weeks which caused me to cut down on my activities a bit. Most of them are solved now, recovering atm, and looking forward to go full steam ahead soon enough

So won't you know, JUST in time for some medical relief, Trevor comes up with this beautifully made ODST-Style Medkit with matching wall mount. Imagine using this to keep your cosplay repair stuff in, or just use it as a real medkit box, or a fancy wall light ... the possibilities are endless.

As always, have fun with this. A big thank you towards Trevor for making this publicly available.

Downloadable here : medkit
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Haha! Funny little prop, huh?

I don't really know why I wanted to make this...I had wanted to make this months before PerniciousDuke asked, but once he asked, it was deciced!
It took me long enough! :D :D :D
Long enough.gif

anyway, This was my first time really rendering, and rendering is FUN! :D
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