FFA series number 22: Janus Key

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    Happy New Year to y`all!
    To continue the series, i give you this model to play with.
    Another little item i personally found interesting:

    Janus Key Render.jpg

    The Janus Key - as i interpret it.
    Don`t tell Halsey, i think she would try everything to get her hands, aheem cough...... her hand on it:p


    Here my references:

    H4-JanusKey-ScanRender.png Screenshot_2018-12-22 Spartan Ops Episode 9 Key - YouTube(2).png Screenshot_2018-12-22 Spartan Ops Episode 9 Key - YouTube(5).png

    And the Link: FFA Janus Key by ReClaimer 8015.stl
    It is only one part, but everything is strictly symmetrical. You just have to print it a 2nd time for the other half of the key. It is just a solid, working on a hollow version with holes for light, Usb and stuff...
    Don`t mind to tell me what i could do next, even though i have some ideas myself.
    I would love to make more gadgets or simple weapons maybe...
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