FFA series number 23: Cortana Data Chip


Hello there once again, this has been a long time slumbering somewhere on one of my
hardrives...... The snippet during the Infinite trailer where this is shown (announcing the Slipspace-engine) reminded me and i want to share it now. I`ve seen a lot of (i truly mean it) build threads here and on other forums and i think they`re all awesome!
It is the classic version though, for Halo 6 whe only have a little glimpse

Screenshot 1.png Screenshot 2.png

It is a most practical piece, after all you can use it as jewelry, Keychain, Usb-drive and so on....
It is not as detailed as i want, but i guess with a length of 7cm / 2,75 inch the scale is large enough to show off some details even on cheaper printers.
If anyone wants a hollow version with openings for lights and/ or electrics tell me, i`ll make them quick.
I hope you enjoy, FFA Cortana Data Chip by ReClaimer 8015.obj

Cortana Chiep View 2.jpg

Cortana Chiep View 1.jpg


The print was pretty rough, guess one layer of paint won`t do...it is difficult to get clean details without making the piece any bigger.
But i am ok with it right now. There is always the option to have it made out of metal (aluminum or so) via shapeways.
Here`s a pic:
First layer of paint.jpg

And yes, from time to time i cut myself during my tinkering:oops: