FFA series number 6 - Halo DMR.


Hi guys and girls.

I'm LATE with this one, yes I know. *guilty look*. I ran into a couple of strange mechanical issues during the testprint I'm currently doing for a fruity friend and it took me some time to realize what the heck was wrong.

You wouldn't believe what the source of the issue was, so I'm gonna spare it, but suffice to say I was chasing ghosts for at least 5 hours. :D

It's a quick job, this one : based upon the release of the H5 resources so kindly provided by Chernobyl, this version actually isn't that different from the previous H4 version, except for some minor differences.

I cleaned the model up a bit (it looks like a total mess in STL, but so far it prints out very clean - if the testprint identifies specific problems, the files will be modified and made available, of course-

This DMR features :

- removable barrel with magnetic lock, which considering the length of the barrel of this one isn't a luxury
- magnetic locked scope
- steel enforced barrel and gun body
- removable magazine
- handguard as sepperate print to enable easy replacement if so needed.

As always, have fun, cut it up to your printers' liking using software like NetFabb, and if you bumb into technical issues just let me know and I'll correct what needs to be corrected. :)

DMR removable barrel - mag - scope.png

Files are available here :


Next gun up : Finally someone who comes up with a really nice looking BR55. :D

Ps : the naughty problem part turned out nice in the end by the way.


DMR removable barrel - mag - scope.png

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Ooh. nice print! nice model too. believe it or not, the DMR is possibly my favorite design, because of the angular design of the model.

Keep up the good work!


Well, while there's room for a magnetic lock in the barrel bottom and the barrel shaft in the gun, I've noticed that using the tollerance values I made the pictured part with, the barrel already locks in pretty tight into the gun body. So IF a magnetic lock is needed depends to be seen, but at least the possibility is already present in the model.

And yup, it's a pretty intimidating piece of hardware when done. :)


No thanks needed. "I was made to do this". :D
I will share everything I do/create or modify and I'll make it available for free to the 405th, per default.

Gun testprint done, no major issues. Looks .... Nice.
Nothing done in terms of afterwork, supports aren't even all cleared yet. Just put them on the ground to get a full pic of the part.

"Small potatoes" left to do : mag, handguard, scope.

I think I just heard the future owner holler. :D

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Oh, man! it looks so pretty!!! well done!
MasterPinter's at it again!
I should have some stuff to share as well soon!