Fiberglass Spacklingpaste Tutorial

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You live neither in USA or London and dont know what to use instead of Bondo? Maybe you dont even know what Bondo is? Or just wanna know some kind of alternative to Bondo.

Some short about Bondo: Bondo Bodyfiller is a two-part putty which is a Polyester Resin product, when mixed with harderner becomes very hard. The name Bondo is commonly used in the U.S as a genericized trademark to refer to all auto-repair putties or so-called plastic body fillers.

( Summary from what was written on Wikipedia )

Fiberglass Spackling Paste is used on boats to cover holes (can be used on other things than boats too!), and is a two-part putty also. Here is a picture of my can:


Make sure it comes with a harderner, otherwise get a harderner that stick with your putty! :oops: Otherwise things may not end so well...

1.Take your helmet :

2.Then add the fiberglass spackling paste on the areas that you want:


MAKE SURE YOU MIX IT VERY WELL BEFORE APPLYING AND THAT YOU HAD ENOUGH HARDERNER!! If not, a coat of Resin will fix this problem, if it wont dry ;)

3.When you get in there with your rotary tool, the surface will look like Grand Canyon! With alot of valleys and such, and you think OH NO. Dont worry, we will fix this in the next step. ( Sorry no pictures for this one)

4.After your done, add a coat of Fiberglass Resin and it will cover all the valleys, if they arent like half a centimeter down. You will end up with a very nice surface that looking clean and feels nice when you touch it also, because its very smooooooth.


5. Repeat step 3 and 4 untill your satisfied! But I really recommend TO MIX ENOUGH HARDERNER otherwise the fiberglass spackling paste will ruin your sand paper. On the first sanding, dont use an expensive sand paper before adding the coat of resin, because accidents can happen even though your careful!

If you want, you may add some more spackling paste if you missed somewhere.

I hope this help people as it did to me, I would had prefer to have this in the Creation Forum. But I dont know when I can post anywhere else than the Noob Forum. Anybody that knows? Perhaps this Tutorial (if its helpful!) is my ticket there :lol:

All the Best!


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I got a small can of this stuff to fix my parents' patio table and it's awesome! They call it Bondo-Glass in the States and it's only about $2 more expensive than regular bondo and much stronger. It cures slower than regular bondo too so if you mix it with the recommended amound of hardener it will actually have the same cure time as normal polyester resin. This stuff might be really good for mudding (rondo) parts.

However you can easily make it with regular bondo by shredding up matting and mixing it into the regular stuff before you add hardener. You'll want a lot of it mixed in, something between 1/2:1 or 1:1 matting to bondo respectively.



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Yeah, I noticed its really rock-hard! My helmet accidently fell of the platform I had it on, twice lol. Not even a scratch :D

Is it good enough to make a stickie? I will show up some more pics soon.
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