Fiberglassing closed pep pieces...

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Sorry, this might've been posted before, but i really don't know which terms to search for it under.

I was working on the shoulder piece, and something hit me: how do you fiberglass the shoulder piece? Either I built it the wrong way and it's not supposed to be closed, or... I missed something. Should I just fiberglass the outside or what? Or should I pep the piece in sections, fiberglass that, then connect them? Aaaaaand one last thing really... How do I connect [robogenisis'] shoulder to the bicep?



maybe you should try cutting just inside the edges of the back face.(to give it a little of support.) and then fiberglass the inside. then cutout another of just the back faces and glue that on, resin the outside again.


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If you're using my beta models, I made a bicep file that has the bicep and shoulder as one piece. I'd use that. It's much easier.
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