Fibreglass alternate?

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Hey all,

Well, done my first helmet, and I think it turned out, decent enough. I'm going to Mod Podge it tomorrow, as it doesn't warp the card stock, only water proofs it.

Thats where I reached my dilema :eek. I don't know what to harden it with. I can't find any fibreglass in my area, and don't trust myself with toxic/harmful materials anyways :roll:. So here I am looking for an alternate hardening material. Lol, this being my first project, I'm kinda like, "Well, f**k :unsure:".

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :mrgreen: My friend Spartan-213 will be wondering the same as he too starts his first project.

I actually have the same dilema. I'm going out today to hardware and mechanic shops to check for any fiberglass.
Otherwise I cant find it.

So if you use something else, will it be strong enough? such as like, if you sit down wearing an entire suit, will it hold?
If you're worried about the hazards of Fiberglass, Spray plastic is gonna be much worse.

Just imagine airborne particles of liquid plastic, and what that will do to your lungs when you inhale it.... ever heard of plastination?


At least fiberglass is in a liquid form that won't get too airborne when you work with it, all you need to worry about is the fumes..

Here the solution:

Hehe, I'm actually not that afraid of fibreglass, was kinda a joke. I just can't get my hands on any. All of my local hardware stores are in between shipments, or so the people that work there say.
i wouldn't sugest using plaster bandages either, becuase to use them you get them all wet first and then it becomes chalky and brittly when dry. it wont be nearly as strong as fiber glass or plastic.

as for not being able to get a hold of any fiber glass, that shouldn't be a problem if you have internet, you can order anything on the internet. if you want to look at liquid plastics and stuff check out
Uh, plaster is so-so... it's not really considered a final product material in all but a few trades...

What Eternal said about it is very true, but I could see how it might have the right appeal to some people here who are unable to make the fiberglass committment.

Waiting to see some results of this technique with plaster gauze...
Isn't it great how technology helps!

I spent 3hrs on the phone with customer support last night.... I feel your pain.

Whenever you get them, no pressure.
I have just finnished plasering a scout helmet with minor warping I am going to try to sand it in about 30 min. It seems pretty hard (it makes a great nocking sound:))

It is also not even close to heavy like some peolpe thought it would be!

WARNING: you have to water seel it some how or it will be destroyed!!!!!!! I used tempera varnish made to seel out water it worked al most perfect:)

P.S. why wont my sig picture work? it was there yesterday?
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