Fiesta Bowl

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Twisting Neather

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:happy1: WOOOT BSU won the Fiesta Bowl in one of the best games I have ever seen!

What a score and with a series of had-to-see-it-to-believe-it plays the BSU Broncos beat the OU Sooners in overtime 43-42! This game was absolutely amazing.

Late in the fourth quarter OU scored twice quickly, first tying the game with a two point conversion, then taking the lead by picking off otherwise stellar quarterback Jared Zabransky for a 33 yard interception return. With about a minute left in the game OU fans were celebrating an obvious victory, but this was not to be.
Zabransky led a long drive and hit Jerard Rabb for a 35-yard equalizer tying the game 35-35.

OU scored on their first play in overtime. Boise State answered with a trick pass play and getting a touchdown. The score now 42-41 BSU went for the 2-point conversion, with another trick play. Zabransky faked a pass to while handing the ball off behind his back to Ian Johnson who danced in the end zone for the win. What a finish! Yeah!!! GO BRONCOS!!!! :happy1:
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