Files for 3D Printing, Where do I Find Them?

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3d printing is one of the newer methods in costume creation and is also quite popular with 3d printers being as accessible as they are. Now the question is, "where do I find files?" Allow me to help!
I've been printing for 3 years now and have had over 5 years of experience with 3d printers as a whole. I've printed over 400 Halo props (not all for me) and have made everything from splazers to magnums. With that now said, let's get into it!
I'll break this down into 2 sections, free and paid.

Everyone likes free stuff right? There are a great deal of outstanding makers out there who publish their files free of cost for the general community. Having such accessible files out there makes the barrier to entry a lot lower and makes for a fantastic starting point. This being said, a great deal of time and effort goes into making files so don't expect everything to be free.
Top websites for free files:
First off we have the Free 3d Model Index right here on the 405th. This has quite a list of files from various games made by our community! It's an excellent resource and I would highly recommend giving it a look.

Outside of the 405th there are website such as Thingiverse, Yeggi, and MyMiniFactory
With a bit of searching there are some awesome files available on these sites from all Halo games.

Paid files are also available for various models, props, and armor from Halo. If you're first getting into 3d printing I'd first print a free prop or 2 out beforehand as some files may require a decent bit of knowledge regarding your printer and 3d printing in general.
Websites to check out for paid files are Etsy, CGTrader, and Cults3d
Just as a general warning make sure your files are compatible with your printer. Some detailed files may be designed for resin printing over FDM and vise versa.

So what should I use?
In my opinion, both! Both paid and free files are great and just because you have to pay for something does not make the file automatically better. If you're looking at printing projects look for both free and paid files and see if it makes sense for you to pay for a file vs using a free one!

Thank you for joining me on this little adventure and I hope this helps you in your 3d printing endeavor! If you have additional resources for finding files post them in the comments and I'll add more!
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