Filling out Pepakura armor and other gadgets

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I noticed that when pep armor is glassed and sanded it is quite flat, so I was trying to think of some ways to fill it out. Here are some of my ideas so far:

Expanding foam - mostly for chest armor: Pour foam into the chest cavity and wait for it to expand. Make sure that you have enough to make it expand past the edges so you can carve it into your body shape. I thought that this would just add some dynamics to it.

Thick padding - any piece you want: As the title says, just use thick padding. The only downside is that the temperature might start to get pretty high. Perhaps hide fans in the sides and create tubes through the padding to your chest?

So those are the two ideas I have had, any others?

For the 'Other Gadgets' part, we have tutorials for fans and LED's, but what about other little things like mics inside for voice changers? Anybody got any ideas for something like that?
Theres lots of that kinda stuff already posted in the forums. Link wrote a nice LED tutorial, and there are multiple threads for voice changers..
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