Finally finished: German ODST Armor

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Yesterday was the day ive finally finished my ODST Armor and wear it on the greatest european games convention. the gamescom was my place yesterday.

click on the pictures to view the big one.

P8200129Individuell.jpg P8200126Individuell.jpg

P8200113Individuell.jpg P8200114Individuell.jpg

P8200108Individuell.jpg P8200101Individuell.jpg

All my fotos are in my photobucket account. armor/

The Helmet



i installed this removeable two-parts visor beause my vac formed visor turns out not so good. but like it ;)
The Thigh




iam very proud of the most of the armor strapping :p but i have some spots to fix. my undersuit is the BDU fieldjacket combined with cargo pants, paintball handgloves and my old bundeswehr boots (all in black).

Hope you like the results.
Excellent work, if i can make me an armor that looks half as good as yours, i'll be more than happy :)
Terrific piece of work my fellow ODST, nothing like the affection of a child to make you feel like you've accomplished something lol congrats :)
your build inspired me, harican
thanks a lot^^
I've finished pepping my odst helm, and it's about
twice the size of my head haha
a little help please? I'm a total noob
to scale your helmet messure your head from the bottom to the top.
and from your left to your right ear.

now add 2cm to the width and 1 to the height. these are your messures.
now open the editor and scale your helmet down or up to the minimum of these two length.

this should give you an height between 28-31cm. its depends on your heads size. my helmet was 29,6 cm in height
Hey man, just got a look at your work and it is amazing. I'm kinda new to this, but you've really peaked my interest. I've always wanted to do an ODST build, but I wasn't sure if I should do an all foam build or Pep-Resin-Cast-Mold build.

So what i was wondering:

1) did you do the Pep-Resin build? is any of that foam?

2) How long did it take you to do this?

Sorry for the newb questions, but I'm stoked to get out there and try this
1) did you do the Pep-Resin build? is any of that foam?
The whole armor is made of fiberglass cloth and resin. Foam was just for padding.
The pro side about fiberglass is the strength of the armor. You cane easily edit your armor and the paintjob is cheap because you dont waste so much money on the sealing

2) How long did it take you to do this?

How long... Hmm hard to tell. I didnt count the hours but i would say 120-140 hours of worktime over a timeframe ob 1 year,

Wow! Great build man! It looks like a fiberglass build, how is it for weight?

Yeah its fiberglass. The armor is pretty light. The weight of the whole armor is about 9-12 kg.

Thanks you both like it :)
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