Finally joined here


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Hey everyone, just joined this forum.
I've had an ODST kit for about a year and a half. I have a Sean Bradley kit, I didn't have much experience with foam so I bought his vac formed kit.

You may have seen me around if you're southern cali.
I recently repainted my kit and got a new undersuit. I still want to do some upgrades like the inner thigh padding(?) and the underchest breastplate.

Currently for weapons I have boomco spiker and needler both repainted by me

New kit is black and purple old is grey and purple, I've just about finished it except for my emblem as of tonight so this pictures are a day or 2 old. I repainted because I went a little overboard with scratches and wanted to make the scratches look much better this time around. I think it came out WAY better than my first paint job.

Ignore the ruffled pants I forgot to tighten and make them fit better for this test fit also the armor belt was a bit loose

My Instagram is @patrickgallaher

Comments critique? Advice?


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It looks pretty good, Might want some new boots and paint the blue splots on the Needles abit more neatly but
aside from that you're looking nice man!