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Finepoint Games Recruitment

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by HarvestRecruit, Jul 14, 2010.


Which Halo CE, 2, and 3 map would you like to see remade in Sigma

  1. Blood Gulch

    24 vote(s)
  2. Lockout

    3 vote(s)
  3. Sand Trap

    1 vote(s)
  4. Danger Canyon

    5 vote(s)
  5. other

    1 vote(s)
  1. I've talked to others about this before, but now im posting a thread about it. So I've started a game company and i need help. Here are the job openings.

    Game designer
    Game programmer
    3d modeler
    Story Board Artist
    Lead of Music

    if your interested reply to this thread and send an e-mail to Harvestrecruit@live.com

  2. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    I can help with writing and weapon concepts :)

    but of course.... you would already know that lol
  3. actually yeah i did already know lol but we still need someone to help with writing
  4. Cobbatron


    Can I model?
    You can see my models in my pep thread... but I can produce very HD models, those were just for pep!
  5. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    Well harvest is the one in charge but i would say... HELLS FRICKIN' YEAH!!!

    your Kat helm and ODST helm are frickin' amazing dude!
  6. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    Well harvest is the one in charge but i would say... HELLS FRICKIN' YEAH!!!

    your Kat helm and ODST helm are frickin' amazing dude!
  7. Hmmmm looks pretty good soilder........ YOU'RE HIREDDD :D
  8. Tyvern


    Do you have a position for a weapons designer? I'd only be able to do it part time as I currently am helping out with my grandma and I'm learning how to make different angled of views.(I can't make angled views without messing up but my skills with that are getting better.)

    I have done some concepts for my film which is on hold right now

    I can also do mid quality armor drawings in side and front view only...helmets I can only do side views
  9. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    haha i have the same problems when drawing dude! side views are fine, it's when i get to the front and back thats the problem lol
  10. Sgt Forge

    Sgt Forge Member

    Well Im totally down for Artist!!
    and maybe I can do a little story board work too!
  11. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    Forge?!?!? i didn't notice the spirit of fire was in orbit here! lol

    all joking aside... since Harvest's good computer is down, he can't design the game so if anyone knows some one who can help with that, it would... well... help :)
  12. Tyvern



    that's my custom DMR

    That is my version of the old MA3b using the MA37
  13. Devious

    Devious Well-Known Member

    I can do writing, 3D modeling, concept drafting (only technical objects), some animation, and very rudimentary java programming.
  14. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    the 3B looks cool, could use a bit of an elongation though. right now it looks a bit... chubby (is that the right word to use?) basically what i'm saying is a decrease in up-down length and an increase in left-right length would push it pas it's already high awesome level :)
  15. Sgt Forge

    Sgt Forge Member

    Oh BTW, what happened to all the activity on the Halo:Sigma Concept Art Thread, and everything else to go with it? Ive posted my Marine and Banshee Bomber but no reply. I think the covenant must've done a sneak atttack.
  16. Tyvern


    so decrease height on the ammo counter shroud, and make the body bigger?...what about the mag? I didn't detail that part at all because I didn't know what would look right. also do you think I should remake the muzzle flash suppressor? And final thing I know that the books said it could have different modular parts to make a different gun each time and that it had RIS tactical weaver rails to attach things.....Whatdo you propose I make in terms of different parts???
  17. TH3 FETT MAN

    TH3 FETT MAN Well-Known Member

    I can do some concept work( not the greatest ) and I can model weapons, and armor, just not helmets.
  18. haha thats fine dude your in.

    Hells yeah dude your always welcome in my party
  19. Tyvern


    Cool! thanks!
  20. Sgt Forge

    Sgt Forge Member

    SWEET! Just message me on anything you need and Ill get it done. Also looks like you've accumulated a sizable team.
  21. Tyvern


    Same with me harv!
  22. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    i can do simple animation for cut scenes and stuff btw...
  23. yeah i no but i was kinda hoping randomman wud get in on this cuz I've seen his work
  24. okay you can help with the writting

    okay your on the concept team

    BTW once i have anough people joined and willing. I will then assign each one a task .......sound simple? okay
  25. Tyvern


    Any kind of firearm you guys want designed at this time?

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