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Finished pep, but resin? Too many choices! Need help ; - ;

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by VerdantTrash, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. VerdantTrash

    VerdantTrash New Member

    I've probably watcher Cereal Kill3r's videos a thousand times over and I've decided to go with Epoxy Laminating resin. My question is:

    Is this stuff good enough? It seems cheap for epoxy.

    If it isn't, what are my alternatives? Unfortunately I'm not quite 18 yet and my Mother is scared to death of fiberglass resin (Polyester). So that's a big no no.

    I would like to be able to use this helmet for airsoft, so it needs to be strong. What GSM cloth do I need? What do you guys use? And how much do I need? I will most likely be purchasing from this selection if they are suitable. Woven Cloth / Roving - mbfg.co.uk

    Thanks is advance guys.
    I'll probably post pictures as I go (It's a halo 3 CQB helmet)
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  2. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    That is a great pep job, VerdantTrash, good work!

    Using the armor for airsoft isn't really kosher around here though. There's a whole thread from the mods about it.

    Without the fiberglass and resin, I myself am not sure how you would even harden it enough. I don't have experience with most of those other choices. I would recommend hardening it as soon as possible, though, to prevent warping.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the build goes.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
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  3. VerdantTrash

    VerdantTrash New Member

    Thanks dude! I'm suprised to hear about the airsoft thing! I've had a look and I'm very discouraged from making it for airsoft, this does not however mean I won't be making a suit! I definitely want to do conventions etc. Airsoft would just be a plus.
    This pep helmet was rushed as I got too excited! It was the file from the 405th armory and I had some trouble with the visor. I decided to remake it but using the L3x file. Its got much more detail. Here's some progress on that. I've impressed myself with what I can do when I'm not slashing away like a madman!

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
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  4. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Very nice! I'm working on a foam suit, and at the moment I must say I like pepakura more. I'm familiar with it, you know?

    Definitely, though, slashing away like a madman is not going to get you good results compared to being patient. It's definitely a slow process.
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  5. VerdantTrash

    VerdantTrash New Member

    Definitely agree. I tried foam and didn't get along with it. I much prefer the idea of something solid.
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