Finishing eva to avoid abrasion

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  1. Joffersmk2


    Hi all

    Apologies if this has been coversed already, did a cursory seaech and couldn't see an obvious answer..

    So here's my problem. Whenever I finish painting my armour and coat it in varnish, after a CC there are ALWAYS parts that have worn the paint away down to the eva. Edges and elbows etc..

    I undercoat the foam in plasticoat.
    Use a couple of coats of spray paint.
    Finish in 2 to 3coats of plasticoat matt varnish.

    I'm obviously doing something wrong and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mblackwell1002


    Check out this video HERE. They discuss how to seal foam in the best ways to minimize paint chipping. For paint that resists chipping/flaking use leather acrylic paint. It's super resilient and will not chip as much (it's a liquid brush-on paint). I try not to use spray paint on foam as it tends to crack a lot.
  3. Joffersmk2


    Ahh okay, does leather paint come in a decent selection of colours, or do you have to colour mix a lot?

    Thanks for the advice as well, getting fed up doing touch ups every time I put the armour on. :)

    Also, not to pester you to death, but what sort of volume would a full armour set need? I know that's pretty ambiguous as all armour is different but in general is it 500ml a litre? Don't want to overkill but also don't want to run out.
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