First Armor project and going strong

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Ok so I'v set my sights high for my first project. I plan to make a fiberglass helmet with and led backlit lense and an integrate x-box mic., for humiliating myselft at system link parties.

I'm also going to try and cronicle my adventure here with lots of pictures. I'll start now.

Step one: defeat the demon that posses my printer scanner combo, so i can print my pepakura sheets.


Step two: begin cutting out enough paper to make a whole tribe of indians cry for our dwindling environment.


Step three: get bored with cutting and try and stick a few pieces together.


Ok now that everyone is up to speed. I think I will go glue my fingers together some more.
ok I have come to an obviouse conclusion. Standard paper will not cut it for a piece this big. I need cardstock. I thought I could be cheap about this, but printer paper just isn't going to produce the quality I want. Big duh to me!
Most walmarts, at least the three in the Henderson/ Evansville area, have 110 lbs cardstock 150 sheets for just under 6 dollars.
trust me I would give my left plasma grenade for a wallmart, but the closest one is over 50 miles away. I'll have to hit up an arts and crafts store tommarow and see what I can dig up.
Ah.. I didn't realize there was more then 30 miles between any walmart. Well Like Ares said you should be able to find it somewhere else for around $10 then. I'm sure an arts and crafts store should have it, if not i would be very surprised. Good luck to you.
You might be able to find online sources via froogle (or similar services) that will be under $10 with S&H. Unfortunately that will mean a further delay until you actually receive your card stock.
But how can I borrow something and never give it back. Especially if my dad does know I even took the cardstock that he probably doesn't know existed in his office... Sorry for the off topicness.
lets just say you liberated the cardstock for the greater good.

On a side note i dont mind the off topic discusion, my project has ground to a hault untill i resuply. We gotta talk about something.
Havoc1336 said:
On a side note i dont mind the off topic discusion, my project has ground to a hault untill i resuply. We gotta talk about something.

I'm sure you don't mind :roll: ...

but the mod's do :shock: ...
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Well i guess i can save us all from big brother if i just raid my house for spare change and go get some cardstock.
ok back on track, bought a pack of cardstock. The pieces are printing as I type and I'm gearing up for an all nighter.
ok quick update I pulled a late night and got all the helmet pieces printed and cut. Now I'm gonna try and get all the folding and assembly done today.
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