First attempt at foam armor (helmet)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Randall Pink XL, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Hey guys, new armorer here. I just finished principle construction of my helmet, and unfortunately it's too small. I have to stretch it out on the sides to slip it on to my head, and it's tight in the chin/jaw area (and the bottom hits above my chin). Also I can't put it on while wearing my glasses, so I might as well just black out the visor if I can't have those on.

    I followed Angelegend's tutorials on YouTube. I think it came out good, aside from the sizing. I scaled down 10% from the original file, as that was what he had suggested, but I guess I failed to take into account that I have a huge head.

    I'm going to remake it, but I want to make sure this one is gonna fit. I just don't want it to be too big. I'm thinking of scaling down around 5% from the original (So about 5% bigger than it is now). Should that give me the extra wiggle room to get it on without stretching it and be able to slip my glasses in there? Or should I go full size?

    Here's a couple pics:
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    Even though the helmet is a little bit on the small side, it turned out pretty sweet looking. A lot of people here on the site tend to have issues with scaling everything from helmets (enter Dirtdives ) to body parts i.e. me. I've had to rebuild the shins and shoulders on my ODST at least twice before I got it right.
    One thing you may want to think about is how the original file was scaled. Was it scaled to game specs or to the person who created it. You may have to actually enlarge it a few percent.
    Here's an idea that you could try if you don't mind spending extra time. Print out your templates to whatever size you feel that it should be and do a mock assembly with the paper and try it on. If the bucket fits just right, it may be too small still because you have to account for the thickness of foam. If the bucket is all loose and wobbly, take into account that including foam thickness it might be just right.
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    And you wonder why I want the wall up by Canada......... but I do have to agree w/ PaiganBoi. The helmet looks a bit snug on you Randall Pink XL. Before you go and do a full tilt build....test piece. And even if the helmet ends up a bit loose, you can always add some padding on the inside.
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    I actually prefer the helmets to be a bit too big, that way there is room for electronics...easy to pad as long as it isn't bobble-head (Dirtdives) size.
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    Oh.......I just made a big donation to the wall fund!!!!
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    A wall won't stop us. We'll find a way through.
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    Heres a super helpful video on scaling armor. works for anything that uses a pep file.

    Dirtdives be afraid. Canadians are coming... like white walkers.
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    Dirtdives, They will incite fear around every corner...nowhere to hide! They will prey upon those with larger than average helmets, and STRIKE when you least expect it, being known as the bobble-beheaders. xD

    Ok, I've had my fun. Randall Pink XL, definitely be sure to check out Punished Props as electricknite mentioned. They have a lot of really amazing tutorials on getting you started and stepping up your cosplay game. Your helmet is pretty good size-wize. It could be a little bit bigger, but your foam work looks really good! Very impressive!

    To fill you in, Randall Pink XL, Dirtdives may have had a few issues when scaling his helmets. I say "helmets" because he made his centurion helmet almost 15 times! We only tease him because he's a nice guy, but his scaling skills are still below average. ;) So we tease him from time to time; if we ever feel that his feelings have been hurt, we just post a few memes or gifs and add some classical music to add some elegance to his failures.

    That might have been too harsh.
    starwars-blooper-reel-clumsy-stormtroopers-2.gif classical music.gif

    Anyhow, Keep it up! I look forward to seeing your progress on your next helmet!
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    You rang?

    This Punished Props and The Armoured Garage Video is probably my favourite example for quickly showing off how Armorsmith works. It might be something to look into to save yourself from the fate of Dirtdives.
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    Very nice

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