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Hey all, this is officially my first thread and also my 3rd attempt at getting into building a costume. I tried pepakura and EVA foam but both times I lost my patience with the learning curve with the skills needed. Right now I am currently working on a full Reach armor set and will be going the full distance. This thread is actually going to be about a pauldron that I'm making for a friend as a birthday gift!


I decided to start testing with an ODST pauldron and am currently using nerdforge's files as I will also be using them for myself. If you'll notice, there is a nasty seam there in the middle. The bottom of the shoulder's print came just slightly up from the bed and caused that massive hiccup. I have since resolved the error with my printer and am printing off the next shoulder that I'll be making. I had been looking to find the ever-elusive bondo glazing putty to smooth out all the print lines and I finally secured some at a walmart near me. Once I did, I rushed to work on this shoulder piece.

Not the best work surface but it is doing me well. It was noticeable early-on that the gap needed a better solution than the filler putty, so I broke out some actual bondo auto body filler and...
pt 4.jpg

Eh...? my first pass wasn't great but I was feeling hyped. I've currently got more progress to take photos of but I'll make post updates as I go of course. I hope you all like it and if there's anything y'all would recommend, let me know!


those shoulders are looking really good right now. Bondo sanding and filler primer is usually the hardest step in any 3d print build. after you get through that it's smooth sailing from there.
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