First Build: Fallout 3 T45-D Power Armor


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Updated Friday 9/2/11 Check recent posts

8/24/11: Pepping complete!

First off I'd like to thank Roadwarrior for his pep files, as all of them in this project are his. Anyways I completed my first pep and I wanted to know what you guys think I'm doing right and wrong.




So I was planning to build all of the pep first and then fiberglass it and all that all at once, I noticed not many people do that so is there a problem with it or is it just personal preference? Also, I made the usual noob mistake in the scaling process as I was too excited to build it to do serious measurements. After building and re-measuring I noticed I made it anywhere from 20-50 mm too short, lol, luckily it now serves as an extra piece to test fiberglassing, resin, and bondo on so I ruin that and not the real armor. So I really am so confused with the scaling that I'm doing sort of a trial and error approach and its not working well as each piece takes like 4 hours to make. Hopefully I'll figure this mess out soon.

Hopefully I'll have most of the pep work done by the end of spring break ( like 3/4 of it) as it seems like all of my friends are going on vacation so I'll be bored out of my mind.
Clearly that didn't happen by a long shot, lol.


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They look very neat, darkrider9 I will follow your thread. Lol I wanna see this finished.. Also can't wait for the helmet part, as I've never really seen a fully done one yet. Good luck


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The pep files were done by Roadwarrior so you can PM him but there is also a stickied thread in "Creation Discussion" on fallout pep files and I know the download link is in there, I'll just edit in a link in a few minutes lol. As for those waiting for an update I have both shins (The correct sized ones) pepped and I am working on the knees, hopefully I'll be able to post pics of those by this weekend.

Edit: Link to Roadwarrior's video with the download link:
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thats sweet, all you need now is a fatboy and you'll be set, what colour you gonna go with?
the only thing i'd say is try not to do alot at once focus on one peice because you kinda tend to loose track of how much fib and resin you have put on each part, i did the same thing with my first one and didn't notice that it had warped until after it had cured.


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Nice to see more F3 builds, Here's mine on Halloween:
(Click on to enlarge)
Still have stuff to do to it, but I've started a spartan.


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@Combust: Thanks for the kind words! I saw your helmet build and it's amazing! I hope eventually I can reach that quality of work, probably won't happen though, lol.

@diskodasko: Mentioning the Fatman made me realize I'm going to have to make a weapon too, and now that I think about it a Fatman wouldn't be too hard to scratch out of aluminum or something, oh yeah and it would be awesome haha. As for the color scheme as much as I am tempted to do a stupid orange tiger camo or something I think I am going to stick with the default metallic tones with some weathering and rust here and there.

@Roadwarrior: Honored to see you posting in my thread, after all it was your video that got me into all of this! I still watch it like every other night to keep me pepping. Also, how did you make the foot covers on your suit? It doesn't seem like they are in the pep files folder I downloaded.

@madmodder: Thanks for the compliment!

Also random forum question: How do I quote something from another post?
This is a cool build. I always loved fallout. it is actually my favorite game. But i never understood the difference between the t-46b and the t-45d.


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This is a cool build. I always loved fallout. it is actually my favorite game. But i never understood the difference between the t-46b and the t-45d.
Now that you mention it, I don't either, lol.

I am really nervous, I think I may have pepped another 2 shins too small!!!!! I am going to keep them for now and see how they fit with other pieces. Hopefully the boots that I scratch will be huge or something.

Also thanks to Hickeydog for the tip!


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Double post of great justice!

I just spent like 3 hours pepping to get an update on this snail of a project. Anyways here's the two new shin pieces, hopefully they'll fit.


They are a bit low on my legs because I didn't have shoes on and they were resting on my feet, they'll raise up about 2 inches with shoes on, hopefully like 3 with the boot covers added

More misc pics

lol what a boring update...


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The necromancer waded slowly towards the dead thread and closely examined it. Dead for only a week or so the necromancer's magic was powerful enough to take hold. He muttered the incantations...

Rise my zombie thread!


Lol, update time. Pepped two knees. They look warped but the big ring side parts are only held on by one thin piece so they bend because of anything, hopefully that will be fixed when I fiberglass or rondo them.



That ring part was a pain to do, really hard stuff, hopefully bondo will fix the errors.


Thanks for the compliments so far guys, truthfully "Clean pep work" was one of the last compliments I was expecting to get :X

Possibly another update tonight, enjoy.
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Double post for update

Here's the update I promised

Pepped an elbow and forearm

However I failed super hard on the scaling of the forearm, it was like 3 inches short. I think the elbow might be a bit small as well, no biggie, only a 3 page pep.

Enjoy guys :D
good job. i am about to pull my hair out i am so tired of pepakura. HD especially. too many small detail pieces. but your doing a great job. just a word of advice, you might want to start scaling before you make the pep. it would save you time and paper. keep up the updates.