First Build - H3 MK VI - WIP, Tools


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Hi, i first want to thank all the people on this forum for all the good tips and tricks, tutorials and resources.

Before i start posting pictures of what i built so far, i want to start different and tell you something about the Tool(s) i built in order to be able to work…

Problem: No Garage, no Workshop, only a small balcony and often wet or muddy weather.

Idea: Build an exhaust duct to be able to work in the living room or kitchen,…
It should be big enough to work on big parts like the torso and it should be foldable in order to be able to store away when not needed

- some cheap batten
- offcut kitchen countertop (from hardware store)
- metal fittings and screws
- a strong transparent tarp
- Velcro straps + webbing
- exhaust fan
- flexible air pipe
- optional some lighting

Due to the use of Velcro for the tarp it’s easy to exchange if needed.

Another cool fact: you can heat the inner part up quite easy

The Base Plate (Kitchen Countertop) is 60cm deep and 80cm wide.
The inner height is between 65 and 75 cm.

The Volume of the box is about 0,336 m³
The Fan is capable of an Airflow of about 110m³ /h
So the Air inside the Box is exchanged every 11 sec. should be enough. If I need more I will have to exchange the Fan. But this one is very quiet. We will see...

Keep in mind: This Box is no replacement for propper Protecton Equipment like a respirator!

2 Pics of the Box "ready to use"
IMG_0192_k.jpg IMG_0194_k.jpg

The Box folded

The other was to be foldable: It fits behind an unused Radiator and is out of view...

The test still has to be done but i'm confident that it works out as expected. And even if not. I can prevent my neighbors from the sanding dust by using it on the balcony.



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Next part: Testing the Cutting machine, pepping Sizetesters and the Helmet (hopefully the right size…)
I used the HD Model created by SirPalesAlot and RobotChicken. Thanks for the great work.

Status now: Waiting for parts (resin; I will use epoxy resin instead of polyester).
Con: It’s harder to mix because you need to be exact about the parts, a bit more expensive than polyester resin
Pro: Longer cure times (up to 1h), more durable, no styrol fumes,…

My plan is to use as less body filler as possible. I will try doing this by
- Apply a thin outer coat of epoxy,
- Do all the inner fiberglassing and a bit of filler (epoxy mixed with cotton and fibers)
- Sand and detail the outer side directly into the epoxy and paper
- Apply another coat of epoxy on the outside
- Add the details that couldn’t be done ‘till now with the help of body filler

I know that i have to wait quite long ‘till the epoxy is dry and ready to be sanded, but i have no deadline and want it to be lightweight and durable.

Build status now:
IMG_0186_k.jpg IMG_0187_k.jpg


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While waiting for Parts for Hardening the pieces i was buisy pepping all the parts.

Here is what I have 'till now:

Right Upperarm (Model from SirPalesAlot / RobotChicken)
IMG_0216 (Large).JPG IMG_0217 (Large).JPG

Forearms (Model from SirPalesAlot / RobotChicken)
IMG_0215 (Large).JPG

Torso (Model from Flyin_Squirl / Ral Partha)

Pepping the Chest plate was hard work because of the Size and that i used 300g/m2 Paper. But it turned out quite well. Now I hope that it fit's because it is the second chest plate I built.
IMG_0261 (Large).JPG IMG_0262 (Large).JPG

All The Parts (except for the helmet)
The first Upperarm i built was way too big, the first chest piece too small... But now i have pieces to test the hardening process...
IMG_0260 (Large).JPG

IMG_0216 (Large).JPG

IMG_0217 (Large).JPG

IMG_0215 (Large).JPG

IMG_0261 (Large).JPG

IMG_0262 (Large).JPG

IMG_0260 (Large).JPG
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I love the home made exhaust hood. Are you planning to paint in it too? you're suit looks great so far, keep it up.


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... Are you planning to paint in it too?...
Yes, I do. At least i will try. The size should be ok to do the painting for all the smaller parts. The Chest part fit's in but i think painting it in there won't be very comfortable. It's general purpose to be able to work at home and on the balkony without disturbing the neighbors with dust and fumes (or at least reduce). I'm considering adding a hepa filter and a cyclonic separation to the box, but that's future and unfortunately not cheap.

Nice clean pep, I likey! Looks like you got a lot of time on your hands.
Thanks! A big part of the clean pep work is the cutting of the pieces. Due tu the fact that I use a silhouette cameo i have to thank my cutting machine as well :). I'm getting better at it. My first parts didn't look so good. The glue that i'm using dries quite fast and is correctable. It's the solvent based UHU general purpose glue. As i will be using solvent free epoxy resin there shouldn't be a problem.

Time: I have a job (leave at 6 am, back 5 pm; eat, sports, sleep, doing private paperwork and so on) way too much hobbies (Snowboard, Diving, Mountainbike,...). I try to pep an hour every evening and i have the weekends (when i'm not participating in any other kind of hobby). But i'm pretty fast while pepping and do multipe parts/flaps at a time (while waiting for the glue to dry completely). And i don't let me distracy by TV. I just listen to music while pepping.


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Lol, maybe thats my problem. Distractions that is. I work about the same hours Monday through Friday, although coming home is like more work with having the kids, and wife. It's funny though alot of people say I to much time on my hands when they see my progress up till now. I mean, I started this build back in July2015, so idk. They're always like you not done yet? I tell them, " You have no clue as to how much it takes to put all this together." And yes the Cameo is a life saver!


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I'm still single, so i have no Wife or children to care for...

I consider pepping as something like meditation - you can calm down and time flies... Often i need to do something like this after work - and pepping is no waste of time - i can calm down and do something productive for the hobby at the same time


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Progress pics:

Today I added the first outer coat of epoxy resin:

The boy is almost a perfect fit - all my parts fit in at the same time and i can let them dry this way. I will try heating the inside up with my heat gun (i can regulate the temperature and air flow) to help the epoxy dry.
That's a disadvantage to polyester - it takes much more time, but i was able to coat all the pieces with one portion of epoxy(about 150g)

Here are the pics:

IMG_0263 (Large).JPG IMG_0264 (Large).JPG


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Update Time!

I visited my partents the last two weeks, in their house i was able to to a lot of glassing, cutting and sanding...

To make the work easier i got held of a Proxxon Rotary Tool with a Diamond cutting disc, for sanding i bought a cheap delta sander.

I took the pics after the fist sanding of the parts - Sanding was done with 40 grit sanding paper - luckily the epoxy resin is very strong because sanding with 40 grit paper is really fast. Before using body filler for the Helmet i will add a coat of primer, it seems that i won't have to use much filler, perhaps no filler at all...

I already have an idea for a connection mechanism of the chest part that uses the details as functional parts - i yould use a 3d printer for this but for now i will have to mold it with clay and fiberglass it or build it fom wood - we will see...

I guess i overdid the glasing a bit... Now especially the Chest part (the first part i did) is very strong and durable...
IMG_0279_k.jpg IMG_0278_k.jpg

Found some missing Details - have to add some fiberglass to the backside and cut the details in:

Other Pics:
IMG_0271_k.jpg IMG_0274_k.jpg IMG_0277_k.jpg IMG_0284_k.jpg

That should be enough for now...
Nest steps:

Primer - Filler - Sanding - Repeat


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Hi there,

just a hearbeat...

I hat not much time the last weeks and the time i had i used for recreation. Thats why there is no real big progress to write about, just some small pieces.

First of all i built a duct tape dummy:

IMG_0292 (Medium).JPG

Of course i tried the Helmet (looks good i think):
IMG_0294 (Medium).JPG

While searching for new motorcycle clothes (especially a new helmet) i had an idea:
Why don't use a complete padding set from a motorcycle helmet?!?
I bought a cheap padding kit for a jet-type helmet (about 15€) and i guess it might work:
IMG_0295 (Medium).JPG IMG_0293 (Medium).JPG