First Build - Halo Reach WIP


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Hello All

I've Been Working on my armor off and on for about 3 months so far, I only have the arms and knees done as of December 2019, and i just got home from my fall semester, so I just now have been able to start painting.


I've wanted to make a set of armor for years now, but just haven't had the resources or drive, but a few months ago i sat down and realized i had everything i needed to get to work on one.

Armor Materials

I started off some tests with eva foam, but after weeks of work, it always ended up looking like garbage so i did research on some better materials and settled on 3d printing. I built a 300mm^3 3d printer 2 years ago, so thats what im using for the base structure. All of my models come from the awesome user MoeSizzlac, i would highly recommend looking at his models if you venture into 3d printed armors, theyre awesome quality.

For finishing work im testing fiberglass resin, and filler primer to smooth out the layer lines, it works reasonably well, but if youre going to try and use fiberglass resin, make sure you get some protective gear, that stuff will mess you up if you aren't extremely careful.

Current Status

I am currently just starting finishing work on the arms (December 11, 2019) so ill just put some pictures of the process so far and what I have done. Any parts that aren't that dark green color are currently upainted.






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