[FIRST BUILD] Mark VI(Gen 2-Halo 5) Pep Build (Moderate Pictures(?))


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First build, big nervous. Doing something pretty basic here, really wanting to just get a taste for what making this kind of stuff is really like.

In terms of progress thus far, I've actually got quite a bit done, all digital though:

11-26 progress.png Batteries Unfold.png Biceps Unfold.png Gauntlets Unfold.png Hands Unfold.png Knees Unfold.png Temp Unfold.png Thighs Unfold.png

Working on finishing up the unfolding now. NOTHING IS PROPERLY SCALED ATM, as I'm not in the body type I want to have for this suit. That being said, everything below the elbow and knee can and will be done, as proportions there won't be changing a whole lot.

Now, moving to more pressing matters, uh...
Foot Problem.png
What exactly's happening here? More importantly, why? It's just the MK VI feet that do this, everything else from the set is fine.

Also, since I'm kinda new to this whole thing, how exactly do I set up my pictures to layout like everyone else's? So they aren't all titled and such.
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Hey all, more progress was done tonight! The full gauntlet sets, so elbows down excluding the fingers as those'll be foam, are scaled and laid out as seen below.
12-1 Progress.png
Picking up some scissors tomorrow, then I'll be printing out these guys and testing how they fit! Much Excite! Very Hype!


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I'm working on a mk6 gen 2 as well, is there any way that I would be able to get ahold of your pepakura files??? Or where I might be able to find some??


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great looking models i wish i was making that model i would love to use those file plan on making them public here?