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First build: Thom A293 based concept armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Thom A293, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Howdy everyone, lets dig right in shall we?

    I have always wanted a suit of Spartan armor and thought, "Why the heck not, I'll go ahead and start the build!" I like armor that is realistic and HALO armor I feel the same way. When you are playing the games, the Spartans don't really have tactical gear on them. HALO reach was my favorite HALO game because the Spartans looked more realistic, shoot, to my knowledge they didn't even have thruster packs or anything like that built into their suit like the later Spartans did. I like a suit that has personality to it, you see it and it tells you a story about the soldier and maybe you even have a emotional connection to it due to the suit being themed as one of the characters from the HALO games like Master Chief, Kat, George, whoever. I want to do something more original and one that caught my eye was this picture:
    It shows all of the intended HALO Reach Spartans before they decided to shrink the squad count. On the far right is the Noble 6 concept armor. When the final suit was done, it was in the HALO Reach: remember reach trailer that I hoe you have all seen (and if you haven't you need to go see it because it is the best trailer ever created). Back on track, I am planning on building this suit to the T, or as close as I can get without doing to much freehand work. This also includes the pouches on the chest.

    I have all the necessary basic pep files:

    Abs wrap
    Mark V Shoulder
    Forearm Guard
    Commando Shoulder
    Hand Plate
    Concept Shin
    Noble 6 Concept helmet

    Some of these are made for paper builds while others are for foam and my suit will be entirely foam so I might have to just reference some of the files. I will be building three different HALO concept helmets for this build.
    One is the helmet actually on the Spartan suit, the second is the one above with the red visor, and the third is the one on the bottom right with the blue/grey angular visor. I have the pep files for both of these but they are for pepakura, not foam. What I will probably do is just use the pep paper pieces and try to tweak them for foam and such.

    Next segment, weapon systems!

    Again, I want to have unique weapons, but still HALO, otherwise its just not right.

    I am going to build the HALO M73 Light Machine Gun. I have more images of it but for some reason it wont let me upload any more pictures so I'm using URL links. This will be something that I will have to freehand or print a side view and build off of that. I might add a sight on-top of the camera unit on the rifle (the camera is between the front and rear sight). In the HALO lore, the gun currently has a M27 300-round disintegrating-link belt, but I am going to switch this out for the other option, the M10 36-round detachable box magazine. My secondary will be a M6 with a stock and barrel extension, maybe a sight on it too.




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  2. Mesh


    Very ambitious :O
    Someone has already made the helmet with the Red Visor, they did it as a normal pepakura file I believe, I don't know his username though otherwise I'd send you his way to compare plans :p
    I love the concept armours, so it's gonna be awesome to see it finished :D

    Good luck!!
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  3. StayFrosty


    Are you making your own pep files or do these helmet files already exist? If you don't have much 3d modelling experience, it's going to be really hard to make helmet files off of 2d images (and maybe you do have experience with that, I don't know, obviously) I'll be interested to see how your machine gun turns out, what method do you plan on using to build the gun?
  4. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Yes, there are pep files for the red visor helmet and the one next to it on the right. His username if I am correct is Satchmo III. He has a model portfolio with a whole lot of pep files on there.
    Here is the page:
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  5. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    The helmet files already exist, I might make tweaks to them but I might just go with what they have. I do have a lot of 3D modelling experience but I don't own the Pep software so I don't think I could import my 3D model and print it. Plus I have no experience doing that what so ever. Right now, I have no idea what I will build the gun out of, probably foam or Styrofoam.
  6. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Another update!
    The halo Spartans are quite big in size, being over 7 feet, and I'm not that height. Using a front orthographic picture of a Spartan, I brought it into my animation software and scaled it to where the Spartan is my height, an average 5ft 10in. With this done I measured his proportions and also mine and was quite happy to see that they were quite close to the same.
    There are a few differences in the proportions, but this is mainly due to the Spartan being just bulky, so I will have to add padding or something in my suit to bulk me up to the right dimensions. So with all of the Spartan and my measurements roughly the same, I can measure the armor pieces on the Spartan and scale them accordingly. If I do this correctly, I will be able to get a pretty close look of a Spartan, but then again, I have to make sure I get all my math right!

    I also built the first of the two forearm pieces and am currently working on the second. They have to be gone over with Kwik Seal and Mod Podge, but right now I am just trying to get the pieces done.
    This is my first try at any foam piece and I thought it turned out pretty good. Even the other arm is looking better than this one. Trying to make sure I sand the edges down enough for the pieces to line up and bend them enough to not have the foam fight the hot glue when it is drying.


  7. Mesh


    Damn you work quick!
    And you work pretty :O That looks so damn good!!
  8. Downhillnat


    Someone on etsy had that concept helmet for sale at a very reasonable price. Kinda wishing i got one.
  9. Schankerz


    I love it and I want to see more!!!! SHOW ME MORE!!! Seriously that forearm is really well done, I can't wait to see the rest!
  10. StayFrosty


    Wow, you're forearm looks really nice. If you wanted, I could make you a blueprint for your m73. I've been doing a lot of blueprints lately and it would be cool to add a concept gun to my collection, and I definitely wouldn't mind sharing some blueprints with the community.
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  11. TutlarAce06


    Dang thats nice dude!
  12. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Yeah that would of been cool, but I want to do more of a custom build and try to not buy anything, plus those run multi hundred sometimes and I'm not wanting to spend that much. I'll just build it and then I can get the fun out of it :).
    Was it kind of like this?:
    If not, then well ok :p. I read on a guy who made that helmet and built it off of a airborne helmet, just added a lot of bondo and modifications to change its entire look to that. I did a bondo helmet but that took forever and I'm not wanting to go that route again.
    That would be really cool and later on I might take you up on that offer. For now, I am just wanting to focus on the armor and them once I have it built out and sealed and stuff, then I'll go ahead and make the weapons. They are just to cool and if I start on it I will get way to sidetracked away from the main suit :D.

    So I tried guys but I was not able to finish the other forearm, I got so close! I can taste the victory of starting the next piece!


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  13. StayFrosty


    Alright man, sounds good! I probably wouldn't have even been able to do it this week since I'll be travelling for Thanksgiving anyways. Your stuff is looking really nice so far, its making me want to try foam for the first time :lol
  14. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    well this is my first foam build too so I say why not, go for it!
  15. StayFrosty


    I might just do that! But I have a pretty big project that i'll be starting soon first, so I'll have to put that idea on the backburner for now
  16. Yeexsters


    Damn, that's your first try? I've been working foam for quite a while now and it looks nowhere as good as yours, hahah. Keep it up.
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  17. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Hey all, hope you had a good thanksgiving for those state side. Sorry, I have been a little busy with work but I still did some work on the spartan!
    Both of the forearms are done in foam stage and now I am onto the next part, the chest. Probably not the best choice to be next due to it being the hardest out of the whole suit, but why not right? The file I am using has some miss alignments in the foam were it to be built how it was directed, so I am having to take my time especially on this one and make sure I got lee-way for some of the parts to actually connect.

    Will post progress pic's, but here is what i got so far:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you, yeah my first try. I am trying to make sure I keep the same level of detail and quality in the build. This suit will tale time, but I will get it done. I have seen too many builds go unfinished on the 405th.

    Attached Files:

  18. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    [MENTION] Thom A293 [/MENTION]

    Was just thinking to myself, what skill you have with foam! If not on the same level, your foam work is better than Evakura's! I'll be watching this thread closely.:cool
  19. TheJrACE

    TheJrACE New Member

    This is looking great so far man. Keep it up. on a side note, isnt the m73 the saw?
  20. mblackwell1002


    WOW your foam skills are exceptional!

    what a build!

    so far it's looking really, really nice

    now, for a question...
    how did you do that?:eek
    that perfectly circular little indent!

    I must learn!:D

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  21. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Why thank you. Evakura's!!! Aww your going to make me blush :D.

    Thank you, and the M739 is the saw from halo 4, the M73 is the older machine gun.

    Again, thank you. I didn't think my foam skills were going to be that great my first try but hey, I guess so. To get the foam looking the way I do I do a couple of things. When I first do my cut with the handy dandy blade in this picture:
    It is nowhere near a flat smooth cut, I have to go over it with 3-4 passes before I am all the way through. Then to clean up it all and make it look oh so pretty, I use this handy dandy tool:

    For the circles I have done, I just lightly trace the sharpied template with the knife (about half blade deep) then keep going over it until I am all the way through. Then just clean it up with a dremel and go over with a heat gun.

    Attached Files:

  22. ArmoredAmir


    Loving your work so far! I attempted the forearms before and it turned out not to good but yours are fantastic. Maybe invest in a sharpener for your razor blades it helps in the long run. If you need any help since we're working on the same concept let me know!
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  23. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Well thank you. I have some extra blades but yeah, I need a sharpener, my current blade is getting dull and the foam is not cutting as well as it did. Yeah I for sure will. Love your build so far btw :)
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  24. StayFrosty


    I'll be excited to see how your chestpiece turns out. Just from the one picture you posted with the blade, it already looks really good.
  25. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Its not done yet but I thought I would show you guys a progress shot or something. The two forearms were wayyyyy easier to make, probably partly due to the scale difference. Anyways, the chest piece is very hard and I'm taking my time on it. From what I have so far, I like it :).
    I still need to do the add-on that the concept armor has. Some people were saying that I would have to modify the chest and all, but on closer inspection I saw its just an add-on. So it shouldn't be to hard.
    Here's one more:
    I will probably do something more like what is in the second picture, its more clear and the pouch attachment piece doesn't look like it wraps so far around, instead its just in front. The add-on on the shoulder is also more clear and I might add a flashlight inside of it. I will have ones in my helmets, or at least one of them, but I think also in this over the shoulder unit would work well too, maybe even a fake camera. What do you guys think?



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