First build


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Hello everyone, I've had a little experience working with foam when I was little but never with eva. This was also the first time I ever tried to build armor. I started with the helmet because I figured if I could get the hardest part done first I would be ready for the rest. I think it came out pretty good, just need to get a visor worked out. I had some issues sanding trying to get it smooth on the seams. I used modeling foam to fill and I think that might have been a mistake. Non the less I'm fairly pleased. Any tips on the best thing to get a smoother finish ?


looking good friend. love the helmet. maybe just maybe, get a dremel for the sanding purpose to help smooth the edges more. but other than that, keep up the work. im working on my security helmet atm.


That looks amazing! Like @Spiderboy196 said, you're gonna want to get a dremel for the sanding process. Dremels should really only be used for tight corners and edges. For the large surface areas, I would recommend high grit sand paper. 600 grit would be good. Be sure to keep us posted. That helmet is absolutely beautiful!