First Ever Pepakura Sword!!! *pics* *handel only blades tomorrow*

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Ok so recently i printed out stuff for a pepakura sword just cause i was too lazy these are the most easiest layouts of the sword the handel i think is Sword_0 from Spartan-094's collection of models the blades will come tomorow. Hopefully fiberglassed helmet and sword coming soon. im low on cash but heres a pic. Oh and i dont know weather to put this in the pepakura forum or the weapons forum so i put it in the pepakura forum move it if possible. Thanks.

Pic. Of handel

I took this pic 2 hours ago i just uploaded because i lost my usb. the left side is now finished since the pics and it is much nicer.


EDIT: New Pics Yay

dallis said:
yea i agree , cant wait to see you get the whole thing together :)
aww thanks guys i thought nobody cared i might start the blades right now. yup im starting blades expect pics tonight. ITS SO EASY lolololol
Awesome sean posted in one of my topics!!!
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FAII3N ANG3I said:
looks really good
Im gladd you guys like it depending on how it goes it will ethier be a short sword or an energy sword go to youtube and watch evolution of halo thats what a short sword looks like.
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Sean Bradley said:
Yeah, I know! I'm surprised too!

have to remake blades there so freaking small might take 2 3 days because im using the hardest most detailed diagram
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FAII3N ANG3I said:
are you going to make the same kind of blades as sean (thin), or are yours going to be thiker blades
nope silver zippo do you have a low poly model of the blades lol
i n33d them for a 1337 sword.
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Silverzippo93 said:
It's deleted now, but did you dl the grand daddy pepakura file?
yea that model has so many curves. and stuff it takes up 70 pages on mine if i scale it to the size i want.
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