First Halo Costume


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So this was my first Halo costume I made, it was for Halloween and I started in mid-August (still wasn't able to finish it though). The first part I started on building was the helmet this was the first I used pepakura on anything like this.


It when I finished it looked a little warped something probably happened while it was curing after I slapped some resin on it, probably because I didn't have any supports


I worked on the chest piece after I finished the helmet which looked way better

(I had my sister take the picture)
When Halloween came I didn't finish completely but I did have the entire upper body of the suit completed

I made some adjustments to the shoulder/ upper arm pieces before Halloween but I don't have a picture for it :/
Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out as my first Halo armor

Spartan Of Vale

Jr Member
Hayabusa is a classic choice from H3, very lovely to see someone bringing it to life! Are you going to put the katana with it as well?

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