First helmet: Lesson learned and question

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This is my first time using Pepakura and I spent some time reading through most of the tutorials. Thanks for those who have posted a tutorial and those who have helped through out the forums.

I am looking to make a suit without fiberglass because I have never used it before and I just didn't feel like I needed it for the purpose of my armor. So I decided to try reinforcing my helmet with card board. It is actually quite sturdy, but it took way too long and I don't want to do this process for the rest of the armor.

So here is my question... Should I use fiberglass, or the muslin cloth technique on the inside to be safe, or will using resin and bondo on the outside be enough?

I intend to only use this for halloween, so I don't need it to withstand a lot of abuse. I just want to make sure I can still have quality looking armor and minimize any warping.


if you want you could go down the 110 cardstock route and then just paint it with a thick floor varnish. once you do it a small amount at a time there shouldnt be any warping. then once you have one good coat on it you can give the inside a coat and after that it should be more then strong enough to fill with expanding foam :) . that way, its fast, cheap, looks alright and you dont need to jepordise your health... to much (watch out for the fumes off the foam, depending on the type used it can give you a bit of a chemical burn which looks like sunburn :cautious: ).
That really is great.I would say fill the gaps with no shrink caulking thin coat of drywall spackle sand prime,paint then sealer.That should stand up to a bit of abuse.
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