First Pep Armor

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HI this is my first post to the fourm. Read a bunch just got an idea to make a MC armor.

This was the first thing i printed. cut. glewed. This is the Helm From this Link How To Use Pepakura To Make Armor

after that i wanted something a bit harder and might have bitten off more then i can chew. This is Robogenisis MA5C From this post Pepakura MA5C (Assault Rifle)
a paper clip




The paper clip was easy but the Ar that gos with it was much harder. just about 4 days to get it done, should have pic once i get off my A$$ and find a cable to get it from the cammra. but it's allmost all done. but i dont think i am going to do more to it untell i firberglass it.
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hey where do you get these from?
Read the stickes in the creation discussion

And nice helmet. Are you going to fiberglass and bondo it?
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not bad the clip i agree was kinda annoying to put together cause its 2 pieces and makes just a box lol just wait till you try the MA5 lol
I edited my first post on which model I was using and wear to find them

Fiberglass will come once I get a few more pieces done. I have to setup an area to work with it, so I don’t want to do one pieces at a time. Just me :). I have all the glass and bondo. Just need sandpaper.

Hear is the ma5c I have been working on. The clip fits in side of it. It’s all in the same model

Much harder then I planed on. But looks good in the end.

After I get some money I will be making the counter for this. I have a few ideas but don’t know quite how I am going to get it done. Looks like I am going to need to make a display to get it to look the way I want. But I all so want to have it count down.

For the Trigger, Sound, and Driver for the Display I plan on using this, MilesTag which has all I would need and more. For the Display it self that's going to be a bit harder. This system outputs an i2c single (I think need to look over the code to confirm this). So plan on using a Pic micro controller to run the LEDs on a perforated broad. Then dualistic foam to give space and black. That will give outline to the segments. Then clear plastic. Sand in the right areas to get the segments to glow.
Yep spent about a week on reading most of the post on this fourm, it's steal hard to know the difrance of wich pep file is better to make and/or the down/up side to each file.

started on the torso tonight, should have it togather in the morrning. hopeing to get some pic of it on by tuesday
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