First Pep suit

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Spartan 086

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Hey guys. I just started my first pep suit and im doing pretty good. I've already probably read this entire website but i wanted to make sure about some stuff first.

1. Whats the best under suit? Spandex? Underarmor?

2. Whats the best method of securing the plates to the suit? Velcro? Straps?

3. Whats the purpose of body filler?

4. What can i do to make the pieces fit more snuggly? For example, the feet are much bigger than your actual foot, so how do you keep it on?

Thats all my questions for now. Ill post pics as soon as i can. Ill be grateful for replies!
1. Depends on your preference.
2. A combination of velcro, straps, magnets, all kinds of things go into it.
3. The purpose of body filler is to add detail and to strengthen the outside of armor. It is most commonly used on the helmet.
4. It should all fit good. If you properly scale it, it should fit perfectly. If it does not, I would recommend fitting foam into it. Perhaps expanding foam?

Hope it helps.
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