First Play of Halo 2 yes Im behind LOL

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Darth Malevelus

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Well, last night I had some time to go do something away from work, which didnt allow enough time to drive home and back, so I went to the community center and went looking for a xbox 360 and a copy of halo 2.

I was plesantly surprised,... I liked there was alot better graphics, and an actuall story line to both sides of the coin in the game. I did notice that the master chief characters model detail was alot more detailed than the current pepakura model we have and use, which led me to believe it was mostly texture detailing.

I did find that playing with an analog stick VS a keyboard and mouse to be clumsy at best, however with the games auto targeting I seemed to survive fairly well.

I still have no idea of how to beat the scarab :eek LOL

I made it to the part in the game fairly early in it where your going toward the bridge, cross it with the tank, and I had just got on the otherside when they closed the place. So it was a pleasant experience overall.

I hope Halo 3 is as much an improvement over H2 as H@ was over H1.
I actually beat it for the first time just last month. I played it multiplayer more times than I could count, but had a hard time sitting through the single player.

I was really suprised at how short it was though, especially compared to Halo 1, which seemed longer. I don't know if it was though.
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