First Project; Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter w/ Real Working Lasers

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Yep, you heard that right.

Ok, the rundown of the plan so far is this;
Step 1. Make Most gun parts in 3D Studio Max
Step 2. Print said gun parts using 3D Printer
Step 3. Fill in the blanks/flesh out details with Styrene
Step 4. Add electronic components (3 Blue Lasers, High Power LEDS, and possibly sound)
Step 5. Cleanup, paint, add some wear+tear, blood stains, etc
Step 6. Start working on next project

So far, Step 1 is done. After about 3-4 hours of modeling, I got most of what I wanted out of this. the rest'll be styrene sheets and found doodads.

Second step in en-route. I have until March 15th to get this bang boom done next outta here, or the rest of my costume is nixed.


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