First Projekt - for testing and later showcase purpose


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I've been following the prop scene every now and than since I saw the "Helo Suit"-episode from Indy Mogul. (I guess that was about 3 years ago?!)
Now that I've got a neat 25m² workshop for all of my Larp and generell crafting projects, I thought it's about time to tackle a new crafting field.

So yeah, here I am.
I've spent the last days reading through the newbie guides and decided that I want to try to build the "brain bucket" from kingrahl as a present for my brother.
His birthday is on the end of may, so I got a little less then 7 weeks to finish this single piece, which should be more than enough.

So first things first.
I made myself familiar with pepakura and while reading my way through the guides, someone mentioned, that it would be best to mark vally folds with a red pencil.
Well, I've tried that. But after taking almost 30min for 5 pages, I thought "wouldn't it be great if I could just tell the programm to mark the seams for me?".
And yep, after fiddling with the program for another 5min, I found a function that allowed me to collor mount and vally folds in any color I liked.

So I went for red for vally and green for mountain folds.
I know, this method is probably already a thing or at least known. None the less, I am a bit proud that I found that function myself. Makes me feel less unsecure in these "new grounds" in terms of craftmanship. ;)

Next update will feature the glued parts, once I am fully done.

So far,



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Best of luck. Pepakura is a fun time. Trick with pepakura though is practice, practice, practice.


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Best of luck. Pepakura is a fun time. Trick with pepakura though is practice, practice, practice.
Thanks. ^^ Well, at leasts it's not as "hard" to learn as Blender. ;) So I'll be fine thanks to all the helpful tutorials out here.

Yep the secret to pepakura is a netflix account so you don't go insane after cutting little slips of paper for hours at end!
Yeah... I figured it works best for me to roll out my Pink Floyd Collection, a king size mug of coffee and some !not crumbling! sweets.
Plus, I've noticed now, that the whole cutting, seaming and glueing process works best for me, when I organize everything into seperated steps and not just start cutting, then glue, searching for the next parts to cut etc.
So I guess I am at the threshold to actually getting into a nice and clean work flow.