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First Spartan Build (HellJumper) want to be like Buck.

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by TillXValhalla, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. TillXValhalla

    TillXValhalla New Member

    So ive done a few builds before. My first one was a Halo 3 ODST. It was rather lack luster and was my first one for Stan Lee's Comikazi expo back in 2013, A space Marine from Warhammer 40k, and i have revisited the the ODST to give it the justice it deserved. Now im looking to upgrade a bit. Maybe step out of my comfort zone of using foam in favor of a pep build. Much like Buck evolved form an ODST to a Spartan i would like to do the same. I have found the Files on hand for the Helljumper in the armory but the only one they have for pep is the helmet. Does any one have an idea of where i may find the rest of the suit as pep? All info would greatly appreciated. As always feet first!




  2. TillXValhalla

    TillXValhalla New Member

    This will be the Picture that i use to model for the Helljumper Spartan 4 build


    Will start the pep for the helmet sometime in the upcoming week as long as work and school allow time for it.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  3. TillXValhalla

    TillXValhalla New Member

    It isn't much but like promised progress has been started .

  4. Dirtdives


    welcome to the 405th. I’m on my phone so I can’t really get all the right functions so I’ll just tell you where to get the files you need. In the armory do a search for helljumper and there you will find everything you need. The file contains pep and foam files so you will have to pick out what you need. Good luck and happy building.
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  5. TillXValhalla

    TillXValhalla New Member

    Even if this is done the only pepakura file that isnt foam is just the helmet. 2 results show up. the original is just textures and the other has the foam helmet chest and full armour and one pep that doesnt say foam and thats the helmet. The pep im currently working on. Its not that I am worried about making it out of foam vs pep its just that all my builds have ever been made out of foam and was wanting to step out of my comfort zone.
  6. TillXValhalla

    TillXValhalla New Member

    20180703_204432.jpg 20180703_204437.jpg 20180703_204445.jpg a little more progress made before it started getting dark here at work.
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  7. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Nice start.... your pep looks pretty clean. Hey progress is progress as little as it may be. I’ve come to learn that with this hobby!! Look forward to seeing this build completed. Your first ODST came out great as a first build.
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  8. TillXValhalla

    TillXValhalla New Member

    Thanks alot. All my costumes are usually done during crunch time. It's a little strange for me to take my time like this but I'm hoping it produces a better product.
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