First time builder looking for some help


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Hey guys I’m currently working to finish my first ever ODST build for SDCC this year (sidenote if any 405th will be there please let me know I’d love to meet some of my peers!)

So down to my cry for help, I think I’ve got foamsmithing down (for a beginner) and I’m getting set to paint, all I need is my prop, and my heart is set in 3D printing a tactical magnum from halo 5, there’s just one problem, no files I can find actually fit together once printed, Kaweens is great but I cannot get the front to house to the main body ina way that looks slick, and the hand guard I have on the same scale is somehow massive :( does anyone have a single coherent file for the TacMag I can slice? (Or one ready to fit in a flash forge?)