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First time con attendee

Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by FatherDamien CO, May 15, 2016.

  1. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    I have purchased my Denver Con tickets.

    Since its my first Con I have only purchased Saturday tickets.

    I plan to wear this:

    Everything will be finished by then I hope. I was wondering anyone have helpful suggestions?

    I know stay hydrated. I have a handler.

    Should I wear the armor right to the front door? Wait in line outside to get e-ticket exchanged for badge......then wait in line to enter the Convention Center. Or, should I leave it in the van get badge then change into it and enter?

    And what do I do at this event just wander around and take it all in?

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  2. SwedishNinja


    Well it all depends on what you are wanting to accomplish. They should be publishing the schedule soon so take a look at that and see if there are any panels you want to see, for instance I hear VS! is really good (Shameless plug since that is my panel!) Merch, artist alley, and the fan booths are really fun so if you don't have a ton of panels to see you will probably want to spend most of your time in there. You can look around on forums and reddit to see if there are any other 40k cosplayers and try to meet up for some pictures, I know that the 405th MTN is going to try to get a meetup planned for one of the days like we did last year.

    You might not be able to do many panels wearing that (I'm assuming you can't sit in it).
    You will probably get stopped quite a bit for pictures so moving fast isnt easy.
    Keep in mind how long you can comfortably wear your costume because you might have to change to get to see everything you want.
    Like you said hydrate and handler are important,

    Hit me up if you have any other questions.
  3. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    Thanks Ninja.

    This year I think it will mostly be seeing what all there is to see and next year having a better plan of attack. I can sit if I do it just right but its not real comfy. Thinking Ill wear it first half of the day and then break for lunch and take it back to the hotel. Then just walk around and see what I can find.

    Hoping to meet some people from the 405th. I don't have a recon suit yet. But, maybe next year.
  4. SwedishNinja


    Well I'll keep the boards updated with the plan of attack. I'm just waiting on DCC to get back to me with my panel times.

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