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First timer

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Nosam1331, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Nosam1331

    Nosam1331 New Member

    So I have been researching and thinking seriously about making my first ever Halo costume. I have wanting to for a long time but never knew about the amazing-ness that is the 405th. So after finally deciding to I wanted to build my character that I have created in Halo reach. So to start I have the security helmet on my character so I found the pep file in the armory and scaled it to my measurements. I finally finished my first attempt at doing a pep helmet.here are some pictures I took at midnight.









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  2. macktruck

    macktruck Jr Member

    Pretty good job, but dude, why so many pictures.
    9 pictures. I think we could get a good idea with maybe four (front, back, side and orthographic)
  3. Nosam1331

    Nosam1331 New Member

    So I have now been working with pepakura for almost a month. I have "successfully" finished the paper part on 4 helmets and most of a chest piece. My question now is I am wondering if the chest piece I have 80% finished is too small. So any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

  4. Nosam1331

    Nosam1331 New Member

    Here are the other 3 helmets I have finished the paper-work on. I hope to start the resin and fiberglass work in the next week or so.


  5. 5trangerte

    5trangerte New Member

    I think the chest fits good, it looks proportioned so far. Maybe once you add the shoulders, it will fill it's self out .
  6. CommanderPalmer


    Love your pepakura work! Very clean ^^ Looking forward to see more progress and photos <3
    As for the chest piece, it looks bit small, seeing it all around your chest and under shoulders.

    @mactruck, this is literally first time I see someone complaining about too many pictures... Didn't think I'd ever see that here...

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