Floating geometry for costuming files


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I've been playing about with pepakura and working on a few helmets and various armor pieces to get some experience before i finally go all out and do a full build.
Most of the files have the details built into a single mesh, which can make for some interesting cutting and gluing. Is there any reason to not use floating geometry/parts that would glue onto the base mesh/armor?
1I hope I'm explaining this correctly
flat.JPG Float.JPG

First pic is base an send would be with floating geometry.
Sorry about the wonky looking model. It's in the concepting phase


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If that is a face, the only difference I see is the bridge of the nose. If this is just pepakura, I see no real reason why you can't use the floating geometry and glue it on later.


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If it is pepped and resined all in one piece it is stronger, so that is preferred. Many files have floating pieces, it is not a problem. Anyone who's assembled one should know that they just need to attach it before hardening.


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"If it is pepped and resined all in one piece it is stronger," Hadn't thought of that.
I have seen some with Small floating geometry. but not many.