1st Build Flops first CQC Helm build

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So, this might be an odd first build post, considering the build is already finished.

I initially was going to make a full armor suit mostly just for myself. It wasnt until I was looking online for files and resources that I found out about the 405th community, and well, here I am! I held off on making the account, unsure if I was going to be able to dedicate enough to the community but decided to jump in anyways. Until I got flagged as a bot account and had to wait longer...

In anycase, the build itself is the CQC Helm with the HUL-I/Flamingo attachment. Im super happy with how it came out, and wearing it has been a huge motivator.
Since the build is over, Ill do a few posts talking about what I learned, any challenges, and just the milestones I hit working on it.

As for the colors, Im super colorblind so forgive me if they dont come out super accurate or line up always (Especially on later builds), but feel free to point and laugh cause I still find it very funny. For example, I use the Cadet Cyan colors in Infinite because I initially thought it was white... Tried to match that here but I think it turned out just white... Oh well.
Glamor Shots 2.jpg
Right?! I saw that combo in the customization and I havent swapped off of it. I loved it on the JFO, and Infinite finally let me put it on other helmets.
So I hadnt worked with my 3d printer, an Ender 3 Pro, in about 2 years. And even then the only prints I did were very small projects and didnt go so well. Probably wasnt the best idea to jump straight into the deep end and work on such a big project right off the bat, but thats just how I work haha.

I still started with the smaller parts just to somewhat ease my way back into printing, but that still showed how rusty I was. Spent about an hour working on leveling and making sure my settings and even the files were all correct.
I think the biggest things I learned were:
  • A simple gluestick can do wonders for bed adhesion
  • Differences between tree and standard supports
  • Bed leveling isnt about being level, but instead being squared to the other axes.
The work proved helpful with the second print, came out just as needed!
First Fail.jpg
Complete Print.jpg
I think the only things I would change about my build, is combining a couple of the smaller pieces into one STL file. Thankfully I work close enough to home so I was able to run back on my lunch break to check progress or start the next file, but having it print the whole day and finish by the time I get back wouldve been a lot better.

That is until I did have one longer print fail on me, turns out either the nozzle got clogged or the gears stopped moving to feed the filament through. I was uh, less than thrilled, to come home and find that out. I ended up taking clearing and cleaning both to be on the safe side.

I already got tired of typing out everything, and forgot to update yesterday. Its alot harder to remember updates when its already finished, gotta keep that in mind for future builds.
In any case, the rest of it was just doing a taped together test fit to make sure it all fit, super gluing everything together after that, and moving onto painting.

I didnt get any pictures during the painting process unfortunately. I was in an excited rush to get it finished.
Ive always tried to stick to a primary white, secondary blue color scheme. So Im gonna work with that for the rest of the armor, and I wanted the helmet to follow suit. I dont remember much of the secondary color showing on the helmets but will more prominent with the rest of the armor.


But that brings it to a close. Not bad Id say for my first project, I already have a Reach Grenade Launcher finished and painted, and am working on getting the MK V(b) armor setup to print. Keep an eye out for that thread!

Double Build.jpg
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