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FMA Alphonse soul armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zacic, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    EDIT: PepMasters Site is back up with the FMA files,http://www.pepakuraindex.weebly.com, swing over had have a look ;D

    Found this lovely armor set on here a while ago......or was it RPF...I cant quite remember BUT Credit where credit is due because this is one great pep! I have the entire suit printed off but Ive just started work on it now, so far I just finish the helmet and Im moving on to the chest

    First days work, finished the entire from of the helmet
    Todays work went really smooth and the entire helmet was completed
    I altered a few things on the helmet from the original pep using some pictures from the anime for reference.
  2. spartan005

    spartan005 Well-Known Member

    cant wait this will be a first im a huge FMA fan
  3. CoolC

    CoolC Well-Known Member

    The armor is huge and clunky. I'm interested in seeing how this turn out and how mobile you will be. Good luck.
  4. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    thanks, Im hoping that because my build is close to someone who would wear it in the show that it will work.
  5. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Todays work on the torso, I changed the size ALOT from the original file, it was way way way to small for me, the scale on the pep was 11 and i set it at 15.5 to get the right sizing; wish I had seen that it was too small before I had assembled the top.


    First test fit and it sits really good, I may need to alter the shoulders or add padding once I get to that point but so far its going well
  6. Spartan 213

    Spartan 213 Jr Member

    OMG i love fullmetal alchemist i stayed up all last nite finishing the brotherhood series and almost fell asleep during class!! Armour is looking awesome just wondering is that a thick paper or foam cuz in some places it looks foam others it looks paper just wondering.
    Keep up the great work

    -Spartan 213
  7. Rex 084

    Rex 084

    FMA FTW! lol. I cosplay as Ed for Otakon every year I go. It's one of my favorite anime's of all time. Really can't wait till this is finished. I'll be following this thread, oh yes, lol. If you have any questions about building this thing, ask man. Everyone here will help I'm sure.

    Rex out.
  8. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Thanks guys, Im working on sizing the shoulders right now and looking over lots and lots of pictures to get the look. Its all made out of cardstock, no foam yet, Im adding some cardboard to the torso to get the right shape and I may alter the shoulder holes so it sits lower.
  9. Spartan 213

    Spartan 213 Jr Member

    Oh ok very nice job cant wait to see you finish this
    -Spartan 213
  10. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    My brother PepMaster aka Nintendude on the RPF, is the one who made the files. Extracted the models from the Wii game if I remember right. The scale will probably be off on most of the files since he uses different 3D programs for cleanup, breakdown, etc.
  11. TJX62

    TJX62 Member

    Wow, I'm a huge FMA fan and I can't wait to see it finished. I'll definitely be following this thread.
  12. Ocheeboy11

    Ocheeboy11 New Member

    Seeing as Ive been debating doing this same build, with the same PDO, what would you say your dimensions are? If I recall, this PDO was scaled for a person 5'8"-6'2". Just wanted to know to see if I should scale anything differently. So far, the Bicep and Shin work for me, and I'm 5'10".

    Also, what approach are you gonna take to hardening this, fiberglass or smoothcast? Most of it seems easy, except the shoulder plates and some helmet pieces, which seem to look like their hollow, and completely enclosed.

    Finally, I was also wondering what alteration you did to the helmet other than taking out the panels on the side.

    Thanks, and it looks like its gonna be an awesome build.
  13. Metalfire


    Wow this is the first Alphonse build that I've seen. Its impressive so far, great job on the prep work! I will be watching this for intently. Keep it up!
  14. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    aha! I remember that it was PepMaster BUT i didnt know that was Nintendude! I love that guy! His work is the whole reason I got into papercraft.
  15. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    I am also 5' 10" so it should make it easier to explain lol. I sized the torso from its original scale of 13.5....or near that, to 15.5, I figured this out by measuring the helmet size and my chest size. I say helmet size because the helmet has to fit INSIDE the collar of the torso, and at the original scale it does not at all, and my head would not fit though the opening in the torso either.

    Ill be reinforcing the torso with either comic board of cardboard then Ill fiberglass it, Ill probably slushcast the helmet and its parts. The shoulder plates ill reinforce with cardboard ribs as I build them and ill just poke a few holes in the bottom and pour in some resin and sort of rotocast the inside, get a nice layer of resin on everything to give it some support on the inside.

    I did take out the sides, as they seem to just be extra parts on the model. the helmet does come in 3 parts, jaw, eyes, and main body, and I joined them together with temporary pieces. I did trim the inside collar of the torso, taking it down about a inch or so because it was sitting up on my shoulders, and once that was done I had better movement of my arms and my head.
  16. DCC

    DCC New Member


    Can someone tell me where i can find the pepfiles?
  17. diaryboy

    diaryboy Member

    I made SUCH a mess in my pants because of this AWESOMENESS!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to see an Al Cosplay...

    ...I'm going to clean myself now...keep up the AWESOME work :D
  18. Ocheeboy11

    Ocheeboy11 New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. So that means the scale for the helmet is fine?

    Sounds like you've had some experience with other props, am I right? If so, what approach are you gonna take for the midsection that was not pepped by the poster of this PDO?

    Glad to see another anime fan on this forum too. What convention are you hoping to attend with this cosplay?
  19. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    The helmet scale was fine actually, for my head size at least, a nice tight fit with wiggle room, if your concerned about it fitting then just print off the eye piece, its one giant part anyways, and see where your eyes line up on it , they should line up with the eye holes and your nose should be positioned right in the middle, around the number "466" if you use the guide numbers.

    and your right about the experience with props, Ive built several scratch suits the past few years. The mid section for his armor is pretty simple in retrospect to the rest of the armor, I have a lot of screenshots and original character sheets that Ill use to make the part. For mobility sake I may make the small angular piece and make the rest out of heavy weight fabric.

    As for con wise I hope to get to Anime North or at least Fan Expo, I live in Canada and hey thats pretty much all we have.

    Edit: I was going to post the link to the files for this project but PepMaster aka Nintendude has taken them down or the links have expired, I have no problem emailing them to people that want them but I dont know how Nintendude would feel about that. If anyone wants them send me a PM and Ill see if hes ok with me giving them to people
  20. Ocheeboy11

    Ocheeboy11 New Member

    Disappointed to hear about the files. Luckily, I grabbed them about 2 weeks ago.
  21. Tenebrus

    Tenebrus Jr Member

    Man your going to get so much love at Cons for doing this. I honestly have nothig constructive to add, going to watch this thread keep up the work!
  22. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    wow that's cool :) i have never seen or heard of it before =D great job
  23. Saber


    I LOVE ALPHONSE! Are you gunna put kitties in the suit when you're done and wearing it? :3
  24. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    thanks for the support guys! Im putting together the left shoulder tnight after trying to size it for quite some tie. I was having trouble because they seem to be different sizes when it comes to the show, figures and the original concept art so i went with what looked the best.

    I send nintendude a pm over on the RPF asking about giving out the files and hopefully he will respond soon, alot of people want to get the files and i just want to make sure its ok with him first
  25. SquishyShoes


    +1!! Do it!

    I didn't realise there were suit files for this, all I'd seen was a little statue of Alphonse.
    This build is going to be great!

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