Foam Armour Scaling and Construction


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Hi There,

I was initially doing my project with 120gsm Card but I was finding that it was distorting during the resin stage, I was also not totally sure it was the right scale, but it was a good learning experience for building in 3D! I got all the way to fiber glassing several sections, discovering lots of Do's and Dont's along the way! I also chose the card method for detail, but found that during The hardening, the finer details where getting lost anyway.

Version 2 is now up. I managed to find a place online that sells 5mm Cosplay Foam in the UK! (that wasn't easy) in 1mx2m sheets. So While that's on the way, I'm preparing for the next attempt, The Iron Man Suit used in Avengers Infinity Wars!

Working with foam looks like a different kettle of fish however, mainly as the material is bendable and is 5mm thick!

Im hopefull that because ive got a single large bit of foam I can rotate the templates around and get the Max amount of parts from this first sheet, im hoping around 40% of the suit but that may be optimistic!

Now the things im not sure on..

Scaling in foam. The picture I attached shows the current scale and dimensions, but I'm aware that's from soles of feet to tip of skull, Im not totally convinced my original method was that accurate. I added 3 Inches to my height and used that.

I am 1850mm tall, give or take a few mm (without shoes) I'm thinking for the feet I would get some Crocks and use them as the bases so they wont be heavy. This would add 20mm roughly to it. The foam is 5mm thickness, and I'm automatically thinking to just add 10mm on to my height and use that, but I'm also thinking the compound thickness effect may go up the suit and end up being quite a large difference when at full assembly.

How would some of you Pro's approach this scaling? I know i can increase the depth by adding bits later if I HAVE to, but the by build is uniform so keeping the even scale should work and the height is my issue.

Additionally, Ive not worked with foam before, I used Hot glue on the card version, would that work here? I was concerned it may melt the foam (unless that's a good thing for strength of course!)

I generally start with the Helmet as its got to fit in all directions and should be a good indicator of if I'm on the right track.

Any thoughts on the scaling and connection would be greatly appreciated, My house is looking like an iron man graveyard with random parts everywhere now !