Foam AR's

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For my upcomming movie im looking to get about 10 styrifoam assault rifles as props.

If anyone wants to tackle this youll be apart of a movie making experience. And ill pay for the stuff, first i need quotes though. Whats great is when its all done this stuff would probably sell quickly on ebay as well as making a great mass producing opportunity for who ever tackles this.

foam should be super easy. Just need something to make a mold from.

*ahem... link ahem*
i'll check and see how much foam cost...i know rubber would be better but i think its a little bit more and it takes longer to dry
Yeah with lighting and camera tricks i think that foam with do just fine. Please do let me know what the prices are.
I think what you'd want to do here is to make a really thin rotocast plastic shell, and fill it with expanding foam. They wouldn't all have to be perfect, but you might want to have one fully completed for closeups in the movie.

This could be a great catalyst for getting you AR into production Link. :Steve:
Thats perfect, for the master chief we want a really nice one for marines running by it will be so quick a cheesy one will be fine. Close ups yes we want nice looing guns.
Another thing you could do is to mold all the guns in faom and then brush on a layer or two of resin on top of that to give them streangth and a surface you can paint on.
they have foam thats a bit harder than i use..that might work....the foam i can add black pigment into
gotta be careful with expanding foams
most need oxygen to react and dont realy do to good in molds
i tried and ended up with a big bag of goop...
:eyebrow: did i just say that? :eyebrow:
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