foam brush for fiberglass/resin?


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Rocknrollcows said:
hey, i just finished up peping my suit. i was wondering if useing foam brushes were ok?
i read somewhere it was better.
They're great until the resin begins to set.
Then....well...they're not so great. ;)
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I just bought a whole bunch of cheapo brushes.. I went through does real quick after they got stiff. Probably about 7 or 8 of them..


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I get 2 uses out of a foam brush when resining, I reccomend them, then use regular paintbrushes with hairs for painting on the silver.


what he said.

look for them at the local dollar store.

i got a pack of 10 or so for a dollar.
they start falling apart after one round of resin (sponge bits everywhere) so use a new one. you can afford it. and it's not fun having concrete hard sponge bits on your armor.


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When I first started out fiberglassing, I used a foam brush. The resin actually ate the foam part right off the brush and I was left holding a stick o_O

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I use cheap brushes myself and to prolong it just a bit longer, I soaked the brush with acetone after use. Mind you, you'll have to soak it and clean it off with a rag. That means straight after use, keep 'washing' it in a small container and drying/cleaning' it off with a rag. It'll keep the bristles soft enough for reuse again.

Point to note, DO NOT leave it in the acetone container as it will harden up. Trust me, I made that mistake and had a nice brush sculpture after. :)

Hope this helps...if you need more info, LMK.

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I use a cheap bristol brush for coated the first layer or two, works great. Then, I use fiberglass jelly and apply by hand using latex gloves, this way you can sculpt the piece alil more will less waste and sanding.

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