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Foam Pep files

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by McPrimus, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. McPrimus

    McPrimus Jr Member

    Foam Pep files / My custom Mark V reach armor

    Greetings all,

    Its been a while since I have been on the sight, and of man have things gotten interesting. How did we live without Foam armor all this time?!? I have been foampepping (trying to get this term started) like crazy the last few weeks. I wanted to share my files with you guys, since some of you don't have the ability to save your pep files since you are using the trial version (its worth the $$ to buy the full version, trust me).

    so here are the links to most of a basic Mark V (b) reach suit , ready for foampep

    carter shoulder armor

    These files have been adjusted so that edge pieces and thin pieces have been removed. It does not go together exactly like pep, but it gives you the flat surfaces you need to make good cuts. It also helps to have the pep file open to see the 3D model as you build.

    I will post updates on my own work, and a few tips later on.

    PS I have given credit to the designers and unfolders in the cases where I knew them. I want to declare right now and openly that I DID NOT design these 3D files or unfold them initially, I have simply rearranged the unfold to work with foam mats.

    Here are a couple of pics

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    sorry the first one is kinda fuzzy. So far I have the chest, waist and left side foampepped and primed with plasti-dip. I plan to work on the shoulders armor next, then do the right side arms and legs to match. I plan to attempt a Mark V helmet using foam, we'll see how it turns out.
  2. Vow Of Pity

    Vow Of Pity New Member

    thank you so so much :D been looking to get into foampepping since i found out about it, and this is perfect :D
  3. Roadkiller

    Roadkiller Well-Known Member

    Just in time! I have literally just cut the plastic off a bunch of mats in order to start working on a Mk V for my son. I had planned to use MOZ's pep files as a basis, but I may give yours a try, given that you've done all the hard work of making it foam-friendly :) . Thanks for sharing, and of course, credit to the original modelers and unfolders.
  4. RedJak

    RedJak Member

    ForgedReclaimer has modeled an Hd thigh piece that has alot of large pieces it that look like it may be good for foampepping
    he is makeing a complete suit
    just thought I would throw this up there,maybe you would want to look into it and have more options
  5. sonic sod

    sonic sod Member

    are they .pdo files ?
  6. Mensrea Prod

    Mensrea Prod Member

    WOW! Thats a great idea. Tks alot. I'm building a ODST suit, and wish I would have had ODST files like your foam pep files.
  7. Ral Partha

    Ral Partha Sr Member

    For the modelers, here's the list:

    Chest ---> L3X BLU3RIV3R (V1 chest; carpathiavh99's unfold)
    Waist/codpiece ---> Rundown
    Shoulder ---> Rundown
    Thigh ---> Rundown
    Shin ---> Rhinoc
    Carter Shoulder ---> carpathiavh99 (not zabicvamic)

    I also suggest that you move the unused parts to the outside of the white area in the development. That way, those won't be printed accidentally when we press "Print All."
  8. McPrimus

    McPrimus Jr Member

    thanks for the info on the modeler credit. I have had most of those files since July of 2010, so I couldn't remember who created them for sure.

    As for the extra pieces, to each their own, I just usually print the specific pages to exclude the unused pieces ( I have also had printer problems when pieces were in the "gray" area.

    BTW, wasn't there an issue with those Carter shoulders about who exactly designed them, or have I confused them with something else. I know there was (is?) a problem a while back with people taking claim for work they did not actually build.
  9. McPrimus

    McPrimus Jr Member

    Been working on the foampep, and making great progress (pics tonight). So far I have the left shin and shoulder finished and primed with plasti-dip spray. The pep files take a lot of customizing due to the nature of the foam material, but overall it gives you a great starting point. I have the chest about 80% complete, and it rocks! It amazes me how much detail you can add using the thin foamies to create depth.
  10. McPrimus

    McPrimus Jr Member

    update in post #1
  11. RedJak

    RedJak Member

    could you post some more pics of the gauntlet I am haveing some trouble with mine
  12. McPrimus

    McPrimus Jr Member

    top sde, used foamies to add detail and hide joints
    top side near elbow
    used the edge pieces from the foam to take out any gaps between arm and forearm armor
    underside detail
    front view
  13. Mensrea Prod

    Mensrea Prod Member

    This build is looking real good. I like how you used the edge pieces of foam to ake out gaps. Good idea.
  14. McPrimus

    McPrimus Jr Member




    LOTS to show off today. I have been so busy working on this that I have failed to post updates. The suit is complete, and I am about 90% finished with the paint. You can see my all foam mark V helmet is coming along nicely, and I even found time to build a duct-tape dummy! I really wish I had made the dummy much sooner, it is exactly my size and would be great for testing pieces as you build them. I also built my shoulder pieces using magnets, so I can build mulitple shoulder parts and interchange them. My dummy still needs a little work, but soon I will post final pics with the boots included. I found some Columbia brand slip-on water shoes at Goodwill that are grey and black, that make perfect spartan-III boots.

    DETHANIEL Member

    not bad my friend, keep up the great work.
  16. thorn696


    Looks great, And thanks for posting the files they will help allot of us.
  17. zarekhd

    zarekhd New Member

    hey, the links dont work no more, any idea why?
  18. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Probably something to do with the links being seven years old and a site migration or two between then and now.

    The Halo Reach Mk. V in the Armoury right now is pretty fantastic and has been updated several times so the files might be a lot more useful than the ones linked in the dead links of this thread.

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